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14 January 2013

Attitude to the Labour Party and the Left

To many who experienced the past sectarian behaviour of the SWP combined with abstract propaganda - 'One solution, revolution!' - the seeming metamorphosis to a 'broad' approach in this decade was a revelation...

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14 February 2004

Socialist Alliance Trade Union Convention: No way forward

ON 7 February around 700 activists attended a trade union convention on the political funds, organised by the Socialist Alliance...

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18 October 2003

Socialist Alliance Trade Union Convention

The socialist - what we think: MANY TRADE union branches recently received letters from the Socialist Alliance (SA) calling for support for their February 2004 conference entitled: 'Convention of the trade union left'...

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5 July 2002

Tower Hamlets by-election: Socialist Alliance Provides No Alternative

A SOCIALIST ALLIANCE (SA) candidate polled just nine votes in the Blackwall & Cubitt Town council by-election in East London's Tower Hamlets borough on 27 June, writes Clive Heemskerk.

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28 June 2002

An Appeal For Socialist Unity

IN THE light of the success of a range of Left candidates in the last local elections, the Socialist Party wrote the following letter to the Socialist Alliance

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7 December 2001

Socialist Alliance conference setback

THE SOCIALIST Alliance (SA) conference on 1 December was a setback for socialist unity. With a narrow overall majority, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and a handful of allies pushed through a new constitution...

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30 November 2001

Socialist Alliance Conference: The Issues At Stake

THE SOCIALIST Alliance (SA) meets this weekend for a critical conference to discuss its future structure...

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23 November 2001

The Socialist Party And The Socialist Alliance

ON 1 DECEMBER the Socialist Alliance (SA) meets to agree a new constitution. HANNAH SELL, Socialist Party executive committee, explains why this is the most critical conference in its history...

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9 November 2001

What Future For The Socialist Alliance?

THE SOCIALISM 2001 debate on the future of the Socialist Alliance (SA) was a no-holds-barred contest between the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party in which the different political perspectives, analysis and methods of work were clearly delineated...

More ...

2 November 2001

Socialist Alliance Future At Stake

IN JUST four weeks time, on 1 December, the Socialist Alliance will meet in London to decide its future structure, writes Clive Heemskerk, Socialist Alliance national executive member.

More ...

22 June 2001

Socialist Alliance Takes Stock Of Election Results

THE FIRST post-election meeting of the Socialist Alliance executive took place on Saturday 16 June, writes Clive Heemskerk.

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15 June 2001

Election 2001: A Dramatic Shift In Outlook

SUPERFICIALLY THE general election changed nothing in British politics. New Labour was returned by a landslide for the second time. Yet in reality, the election signified a dramatic shift in the outlook, writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party Campaigns Organiser

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15 June 2001

Advance For Socialist Candidates

THE GENERAL election saw good increases for Socialist candidates. The total Socialist Party vote in England and Wales (whether standing as Socialist Alliance or Socialist Alternative) was 10,363 - an average...

More ...

9 June 2001

Socialist Party celebrates election successes

SOCIALIST PARTY members in England and Wales have been celebrating some excellent election results, writes By Judy Beishon.

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9 June 2001

Left challenge gets creditable election results

THE SOCIALIST Party took part in the Socialist Alliance election campaign in England and Wales, writes By Hannah Sell.

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25 May 2001

Socialist Alliance hits the airwaves

THE SOCIALIST Alliance election broadcasts went out on Tuesday 22 May and generated a huge response from people interested in socialism...

More ...

18 May 2001

Nellist launches Socialist Alliance manifesto

DAVE NELLIST, Socialist Party councillor and national chair of the Socialist Alliance, along with other Socialist Alliance prospective parliamentary candidates, presented the Alliance's manifesto outside Millbank Tower - the HQ of New Labour - on Wednesday 16 May...

More ...

6 April 2001

Socialist Party Wales prepare election challenge

TWO MEMBERS of the Socialist Party in Wales are standing as candidates at the forthcoming general election...

More ...

9 March 2001

The Socialist Challenge to Labour

THE SOCIALIST Party will play a crucial part in what is potentially the biggest Left challenge to Labour at a general election for over 50 years...

More ...

2 March 2001

Plain sailing for Blair?

OPINION POLLS suggest New Labour are on course for another election "landslide". A Mori poll for the Times put Labour on 50% - 20% ahead of the Tories and almost exactly the same as before the last election.

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