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19 May 2010

USA: Putting forward a Socialist Alternative in Seattle

More than 140 people came to discuss socialist ideas for changing the world at the socialism conference, organised by the CWI-affiliated organisation Socialist Alternative and held at Seattle University, which marked a big step forward for socialists in Washington State, writes Socialist Alternative reporters, US CWI.

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TUSC logo

7 May 2010

Election results: TUSC stands for socialism, prepares for battles ahead

May 2010 will probably be remembered by history not for the British general election, but as the start of a heroic mass struggle of the Greek working class.

This is a fight to defend their living conditions against the savage onslaught of capitalism. The Greek working class showed their defiance with a gigantic general strike and the biggest demonstrations since the overthrow of the military dictatorship in 1974.

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28 April 2010

A 'beacon of hope' in Gateshead

It's never been easier to get a hearing for the Socialist Party's ideas: on stalls, on the doorsteps, and even in the pubs, writes Norman Hall, Tyneside Socialist Party.

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Socialist Party manifesto 2010

Socialist Party manifesto 2010

27 April 2010

Vote for a socialist alternative

Three brands of the same cheap soap powder would offer more excitement than this election! It is as if we live in a one-party regime divided into three wings: New Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats...

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Socialists: fighting back

Socialists: fighting back

21 April 2010

Stop these savage cuts: support the socialist alternative

"What I say to people on the doorstep is we will only cut your throat slowly, the others will cut your head off" was a comment of New Labour MP for Blyth Valley in the North East, Ronnie Campbell, in a local paper, writes Elaine Brunskill, Tyneside Socialist Party.

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14 April 2010

Help build a socialist alternative in the general election

The present 'rotten parliament' will end in three weeks. But the MPs whose corrupt fiddling of their expenses have earned it this title are still desperately trying to cover up the extent of their venality...

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14 April 2010

Coventry's city-wide socialist election challenge

THE SOCIALIST Party will contest all 18 wards in the Coventry city council elections on 6 May. This is the first time that we are standing in every seat, giving each voter the chance to vote for a Socialist...

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31 March 2010

Editorial: Stop the cuts, build a socialist alternative

Last week the Financial Times angrily dismissed the "absurd belief" of the 75% of the population who do not support cuts in public services...

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PCS demonstration through central London during two day strike, photo Paul Mattsson

PCS demonstration through central London during two day strike, photo Paul Mattsson

24 March 2010

Support trade union and socialist alternative: Workers reject main parties

BA CABIN crew, civil servants, railway workers... As the general election looms, trade unionists are voting for, and taking, action to defend their rights, conditions and pay against the onslaught from...

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17 March 2010

Defending public education in the USA

A NEW movement of students and education workers has erupted against vicious budget cuts in public education across the USA...

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20 January 2010

Donate to help build a socialist alternative

2010 general election appeal: Without money to fund the work of the Socialist Party, the party would not be able to take its ideas to workers and young people, writes Nick Chaffey, secretary, Southern region Socialist Party.

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5 December 2009

Vote Socialist

Stop The Private Takeover Of Public Services.: FORMER LABOUR MP DAVE NELLIST, now the leader of the Socialist Party group on Coventry city council and national chair of the Socialist Alliance, says: 'Vote socialist and join the Socialist Party'...

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17 November 2009

The socialist alternative

The nationalisations, part-nationalisations and state interventions being undertaken by the world's governments bear no resemblance to genuine socialist nationalisation...

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14 August 2009

Socialists say: we need a socialist NHS!

Socialists in the UK and the USA speak out

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29 July 2009

When workers shut down Minneapolis

75th anniversary of the "Teamster Rebellion": TODAY, FACED with the worst economic crisis since the 1930s Great Depression, it is crucial we learn how workers successfully defended themselves in the past...

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31 March 2009

Bail out workers, not Wall Street!

THERE HAS been a tidal wave of outrage generated by the bonus payments paid to top bankers after their bankrupt corporations were bailed out with public funds...

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24 February 2009

The socialist alternative

The nationalisations, part-nationalisations and state interventions being undertaken by the world's governments bear no resemblance to genuine socialist nationalisation...

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19 November 2008

USA: Challenging the two parties of big business

LAST WEEK, The Socialist carried an analysis of the US presidential election and the political awakening among the American working class which propelled Barack Obama into the White House and routed the Republicans...

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28 May 2008

Build A New Workers' Party

Teachers strike on 24 April 2008, photo Paul Mattsson

The fight for a new workers party is urgent - teachers strike on 24 April 2008, photo Paul Mattsson

Labour, Tories, LibDems ...they're all the same! "Et tu, Crewe?" Gordon Brown might have muttered to himself as the knife of another electoral drubbing sank into his back, writes Greg Maughan, Campaign for a New Workers' Party.

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28 May 2008

I told my union: "We need a new workers' party"

THE TRADE union, Unite, recently wrote to its members "to determine your thoughts on how you think the country is being run". Campaign for a New Workers' Party supporter Colin Trousdale returned this response...

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