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Dave Nellist and Jeremy Corbyn at the Burston school rally, 4.9.16, photo by Teresa Mackay

Dave Nellist and Jeremy Corbyn

26 October 2016

Readmit expelled socialists

More than 60 socialists with over 800 years of Labour Party membership between them, have signed a letter calling for their re-admittance to the Labour Party

More ...

7 October 2015

Anger after violent youth deaths

Hundreds of angry residents packed into the Honor Oak Community Centre to discuss the recent violent deaths of two teenagers

More ...

28 May 2014

Local elections 2014: A good base for TUSC to build on

The vote tally for the 560 local election and mayoral Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition no-cuts candidates in the 22 May elections is 68,031

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4 July 2012

South London NHS: Socialist councillors said: 'Axe PFI, not our NHS'

South London Healthcare NHS Trust, with a 150 million deficit, is facing 'special measures'. However, as shown by an excerpt from 'Our Record - Socialist councillors are different', Ian Page and Chris...

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25 March 2011

Socialist receives 12% of the vote in Bellingham, Lewisham

Socialist Party member and former councillor Ian Page received 12% of the vote in yesterday's byelection in the Bellingham ward in Lewisham, south London. An edited version of this article appeared in The Socialist.

More ...

16 March 2011

Vote for a socialist alternative

WITH the Bellingham by-election in Lewisham, south east London, set for 24 March campaigning is stepping up, writes Chris Newby.

More ...

9 March 2011

Lewisham: Vote for a real fight against the cuts

On 24 March the voters in Bellingham ward in Lewisham, south east London will have a real choice in the council by-election, writes Chris Newby.

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3 March 2011

Lewisham election: There is an alternative!

Voters in the Bellingham by-election in Lewisham, south east London, have a clear choice. They can either vote for a candidate who will push through massive cuts to local services, or they can vote for...

More ...

1 December 2010

Riot police called to Lewisham town hall lobby

On 29 November Lewisham council met to vote on 20 million worth of cuts, a third of that planned in the next three years, writes James Kerr, Lewisham Socialist Party.

More ...

23 November 2010

Fighting cuts: A militant stance is what's needed

IAN PAGE, a former Socialist Party councillor in the south London borough of Lewisham wrote a letter (see below), which was printed in the Evening Standard, criticising the reported actions of Labour councillors from the borough who are attempting to wash their hands of any responsibility for cuts i, writes Ian Page, former Socialist Party councillor, Lewisham..

More ...

19 May 2010

Support for socialists Ian Page and Chris Flood

A number of messages of support have been sent to Ian Page and Chris Flood after they lost their council seats in the Telegraph Hill ward in Lewisham, south London. We print a selection here...

More ...

12 May 2010

Lewisham elections: socialists will be at forefront of struggle

Ian Page, Chris Flood and Jess Leech won our best votes ever in the council elections for the Telegraph Hill ward of Lewisham, south London, writes Chris Newby, London Socialist Party.

More ...

28 April 2010

Campaign hots up in Lewisham

"No canvassers except Ian Page". That is the message on a door in the Telegraph Hill ward of Lewisham, south London. This is one example of the support that we are getting during this campaign to get...

More ...

23 April 2010

Vote Chris Flood, Jess Leech and Ian Page in Lewisham

To protect schools from privatisation & cuts, vote Chris Flood, Jess Leech and Ian Page in the Lewisham council elections on May 6th...

More ...

Chris Flood and Ian Page

Chris Flood and Ian Page

14 April 2010

Lewisham - standing on our fighting record

MOST ESTABLISHMENT politicians spend years ignoring working people, going against our wishes. But every few years it seems we're 'the boss' and they want to 'have a conversation' with us. It must...

More ...

Lewisham Socialist News - Our record

Lewisham Socialist News - Our record

31 March 2010

Lewisham councillors' record

The Telegraph Hill ward in the south east London borough of Lewisham has been represented by socialist councillors for 15 years.

Over the years the local party branch has produced regular editions of a newsletter, Socialist News, to keep local residents informed on what their councillors, Ian Page and Chris Flood, are doing.

Copies of the report are available for sale at 2 per copy.

More ...

15 December 2009

Video: Out on the stones - saving Deptford Job Centre

Lewisham Socialist Party councillors Ian Page and Chris Flood came to the aid of the unemployed of Deptford, London, and the job centre workers at Deptford Job Centre, organised in the civil servants union, the PCS (Public and Commercial Services union)...

More ...

22 July 2009

Keep Deptford Jobcentre open!

THE PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) is campaigning to keep the Jobcentre in Deptford open, writes Mick Philipsz.

More ...

27 May 2009

Why we must Stop the Strip!

IN A successful demo on 22 May over 100 people - local residents, trade unionists, students - joined the "Stop the Strip" campaign's loud and noisy protest against a lap dancing club in New Cross, south London, writes Tanya Eadie.

More ...

15 April 2009

Council manoeuvres in Lewisham hit school children

AT LEWISHAM council's recent Annual General Meeting, the two Socialist Party councillors Ian Page and myself put forward an emergency motion, writes Chris Flood, Lewisham Socialist party councillor.

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