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28 March 2018

The life and legacy of Martin Luther King

50th anniversary of the assassination of MLK jnr in Memphis: This year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King junior, who was shot and killed on 4 April 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, while supporting striking sanitation workers, writes April Ashley, Unison national executive council, black members rep (female) (personal capacity).

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31 January 2018

Trump as Nixon: urgent questions about press freedom and the state

Film: The Post: In 1971 US casualties in Vietnam were running at 500 a week, and opposition to the war was reaching boiling point.

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24 January 2018

Vietnam War: 50 years since the Tet Offensive

On 30 January 1968 the NLF and the People's Army of Vietnam launched the Tet Offensive against US and allied troops

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15 November 2017

Comprehensive account of bloody conflict

TV review: The Vietnam War: The US's role in endless wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Rising tensions between the US, Russia and China. Watching Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's monumental ten-part documentary on the Vietnam

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5 February 2014

Pete Seeger - Sound of US protest movement

The death of American folk singer Pete Seeger will be keenly felt by those who lived through the social and political convulsions of the 1960s

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Agent Orange in Vietnam: chemical weapons used by USA have now caused 150,000 childbirth defects according to the Vietnamese Red Cross, photo BBC i-player screen shot

Agent Orange in Vietnam: chemical weapons used by USA have now caused 150,000 childbirth defects according to the Vietnamese Red Cross, photo BBC i-player screen shot

11 September 2013

TV review: Vietnam's 'children of Agent Orange'

The deadly chemical Dioxin was 40 years ago dropped from airplanes by US troops over the countryside of Vietnam

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14 January 2013

Historical Roots of the SWP

The SWP today finds its ideological roots in post-1945 British Trotskyism, which split into three main trends...

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26 June 2009

Turning Point In Iraq

AN ITV news reporter in Iraq described the bizarre scene at a press briefing in Baghdad by the US military forces...

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16 April 2008

The radical life of Martin Luther King

THIS YEAR marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, who was assassinated on 4 April 1968 while supporting striking Memphis sanitation workers. Will Soto, from Socialist Alternative in the USA, writes.

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1 December 2005

USA - Lame duck president George Bush waddles on

BUSH IS no longer the invincible, '9/11 president'. His appeals for "unity" against the enemy and for the US to "stay the course"...

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6 May 2005

The Vietnam war still casts a long shadow over US today

30 years since the fall of Saigon: THIRTY YEARS ago, North Vietnamese tanks rolled into the US embassy in Saigon marking a humiliating defeat for US imperialism...

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5 February 2005

Iraq: No end to nightmare

'THE FIRST free vote for fifty years.' That's how the media described the Iraqi elections. But how can a vote be 'free' when the whole country is under military occupation by foreign imperialist powers? This so-called free vote involved circumventing barbed wire, road blocks, tanks and armed soldiers, and risking death, in many cases to end up voting for anonymous candidates.

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22 November 2003

Vietnam War - the lessons for today

Empire Defeated, the new book by Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe, has been published at a time when many are drawing parallels between the Vietnam War and the war and occupation of Iraq...

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1 November 2002

The power of protest: How The Anti-Vietnam War Movement Grew

PRESIDENT GEORGE W Bush is still defying widespread international opposition and trying to mobilise support for US imperialism's war with Iraq

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12 October 2001

Vietnam - How The Anti-War Movement Grew

EVEN US President Bush has to admit that his "war against terrorism" could be a long affair. US imperialism lost the last extended war it faced - in Vietnam from 1964 to 1973, writes Roger Shrives.

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24 November 2000

Vietnam 25 years on: Now it's Clinton's mercenaries

TWENTY-FIVE years after American capitalism's ignominious defeat in the Vietnamese war (which cost three million Vietnamese dead and 58,000 US troops killed), US President Bill Clinton has invaded the country - this time with an entourage of 2,000 representatives of big business including Nike, Coc...

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