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18 October 2002

Only 'System Change' Can End Terror And War

THE HORRIFIC bomb attack on the Indonesian island of Bali has underscored the futility of George W. Bush's 'war on terrorism'

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18 October 2002

Indonesia: Terrorism And State Terrorism

THE BOMBING of a tourist area on the Indonesian island of Bali has been blamed by Western governments on the Jemaah Islamiah Islamic group with links to Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'ida terrorist network

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24 May 2002

Bush And Blair's War Plans Increase World Tensions

AS THE Socialist predicted, Bush and Blair's 'war against terrorism' has not gone according to plan

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30 November 2001

Western War Coalition: Buying Friends And Influence

GEORGE BUSH'S 'war on terrorism' is a cover to expand the power of US imperialism. Aided and abetted by Britain, the US heads a loose and fragile 'coalition' which includes the G7 countries and Russia,...

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30 November 2001

Israel/Palestine: Imperialism's Bitter Fruit

THE US-led attacks on Afghanistan, under the guise of 'fighting terrorism', has incensed the workers and poor of the Middle East who point out the hypocrisy of Bush and co in backing the Israeli government of Ariel Sharon - a regime that continues to oppress the Palestinians...

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23 November 2001

War In Afghanistan: Paying the Price of 'Victory'

"REJOICE-REJOICE" wrote the Daily Telegraph as Kabul was 'liberated' from the Taliban on 14 November...

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9 November 2001

Desperate Measures Won't Stop Terrorism

AFTER WEEKS of bombing made no tangible progress in removing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, US strategists have turned to carpet-bombing Taliban front lines using B-52 aircraft...

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2 November 2001

Organise Now To Stop The War

SOME POLITICIANS and military leaders now think that Bush and Blair's war against Afghanistan could last for years...

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19 October 2001

US Attacks Provoke Mass Opposition

EVERY DAY that US bombs blast Afghanistan, opposition in the Arab and Muslim world to imperialism grows...

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19 October 2001

US War Strategy Under Strain

IMAGES OF death and destruction in the village of Khorum demonstrated the horrific reality of Bush and Blair's 'war against terrorism'...

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19 October 2001

We Won't Pay For Bush And Blair's War

Workers and poor say...: "I THINK it's wrong for America to take it all into their own hands and to drop bombs and kill civilians," said Nahim, originally from Afghanistan, one of 50,000 people on a huge anti-war demonstration in London on 13 October...

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12 October 2001

Bush And Blair's War: What We Say

AS SOCIALISTS we are totally opposed to the methods of terrorism and the indiscriminate killing of innocent people...

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12 October 2001

Devastating Consequences Of War

FIVE DAYS after Blair declared that the Afghan people were not the enemy and that "[we] will do all we humanly can to avoid civilian casualties", the bombing of Afghanistan began...

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12 October 2001


Build the movement to stop the war THESE ATTACKS will not bring justice to the victims of the World Trade Center atrocity - neither will they destroy terrorism or the conditions which breed support for terrorism, writes By Dave Nellist, Socialist Party councillor Coventry and Socialist Alliance National Chair.

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5 October 2001

What Socialists Say About Terrorism

THE SOCIALIST has been forthright in its condemnation of those who attacked the World Trade Centre (WTC) and Pentagon. We described their methods as those of "small groups employing mass terrorism".
At the same time, we have not given any support to George Bush or Tony Blair, who call for a 'war against terrorism', yet support state terror against defenceless and innocent people in the neo-colonial world.
PETER TAAFFE, Socialist Party General Secretary, develops further the question of terrorism and socialist attitudes towards it.

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28 September 2001

Opposition To This War Will Grow

HORROR AND outrage are natural responses to the carnage in New York and Washington...

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21 September 2001

A Deadly Cold War Legacy

"Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism", by John K Cooley, writes Review by Dave Carr.

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21 September 2001

Military Action No Solution

BUSH AND the US administration are preparing for war. The US Senate unanimously authorised the use of "all necessary and appropriate force". Targets could include not just Osama bin Laden, the US number...

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21 September 2001

Attacks On The Us - Aftershocks Rock The Globe

NEW TECHNOLOGY and the speed of modern communication allowed millions of people on every continent to follow the horrific events as they unfolded...

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14 September 2001

After the carnage in the USA: World Crisis Deepens

THE KILLING of thousands of innocent civilians in New York, Washington and elsewhere in the US has caused horror and revulsion among ordinary working people worldwide...

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