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4 April 2012

Oppose the Con-Dems' snoopers charter

Oliver Cromwell favoured a state-controlled postal service so that the government could keep a close eye on what people were writing to each other, writes Derek McMillan, Mid Sussex Socialist Party.

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18 January 2012

1972 Derry - "this was murder"

Forty years ago, on Sunday 30 January 1972, members of the Parachute Regiment (the Paras) shot 27 unarmed civilians, (14 of whom died) on a protest through the barricaded Bogside area of Derry in Northern Ireland...

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9/11: Attack on the Twin Towers of the Wold Trade Centre, photo BBC

9/11 attack

5 September 2011

Consequences of 9/11: a world turned upside down

Ten years after the twin towers came crashing down in New York, Peter Taaffe assesses the changed world situation. In the aftermath of that terrorist attack, US imperialism unleashed mass slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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25 July 2011

Norway: Right-wing terrorist kills 76 at youth camp

How should the labour movement respond?
Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik's horrific massacre at the camping island of Utøya outside on Friday is unique in its cruelty, with 76 dead and many wounded, and several more still missing.

What is behind the right-wing terrorism? How should the labour movement and socialists respond? Per-Åke Westerlund, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI Sweden), writes.

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11 May 2011

Con-Dems put squeeze on democratic rights

Documentary photographer Marc Vallée recently debated new emergency counter-terrorism stop and search powers on Radio 4's Today programme with chief constable Andy Trotter of the Association of Chief Police Officers...

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Peter Taaffe answers the Hoover institute video debate on Robert Service's book on Trotsky

Peter Taaffe answers the Hoover institute video debate on Robert Service's book on Trotsky

29 July 2010

In defence of Leon Trotsky

In defence of Leon Trotsky: Five part video discussion with general secretary Peter Taaffe

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Socialist Party and ISR members protest at the 2003 arms fair in Docklands, east London, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Party and ISR members protest at the 2003 arms fair in Docklands, east London, photo Paul Mattsson

19 January 2010

'Stop and search' unlawful

LAST WEEK the European Court of Human Rights ruled that 'stop and search' powers given to the police by the Terrorism Act 2000 are unlawful, writes Greg Randall.

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13 January 2010

Chile - Freedom for Elena Varela

THE WELL known left-wing Chilean documentary maker and journalist, Elena Varela, has been accused of "terrorism" by the Chilean authorities and risks 15 years in prison having stood up for the rights of indigenous Mapuche people...

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3 November 2009

Pakistan - New wave of terrorism as the guerrilla war escalates

In recent weeks attacks carried out by Taliban fighters and a new ground offensive by the Pakistani government in the Waziristan region on the Afghan border, have deepened Pakistan's social, political and ethnic fault lines...

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4 March 2009

Our democratic rights under attack by Labour

SINCE NEW Labour came to power in 1997, 60 new powers have been introduced in 25 separate parliamentary acts which have attacked and encroached upon our civil liberties, writes Greg Maughan.

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22 October 2008

42-day detention dropped - for now

Democratic rights: THE GOVERNMENT'S proposal to increase how long police can hold you without charge, from 28 days to 42 days, was dropped from its counter-terrorism bill last week, writes Ben Robinson.

More ...

11 June 2008

"Anti-terror" laws are no solution

THE GOVERNMENT'S proposal to increase the period that "terrorism suspects" can be detained without charge from 28 days to 42, comes before parliament as we go to press, writes Roger Shrives.

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28 May 2008

Exeter bomb explosion: Workers' unity needed against terrorism, war and deprivation

Last week's failed terrorist attack in Exeter caused a wave of shock and surprise in Devon and Britain as a whole, writes Jim Thomson, Devon Socialist Party.

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28 May 2008

'Counter-terrorism' legislation threatens our democratic rights

Postal workers trampled on the anti-trade union laws

Postal workers trampled on the anti-trade union laws

Feature: The government's proposal to extend the period the police can hold suspects without charge to 42 days, will be presented to parliament in the next few weeks. ANNA LUCAS explains that, far from being a step in the right direction, these new laws, and other 'anti-crime' measures over recent years, amount to a major and unjustified attack on our democratic rights.

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5 July 2007

Unite against war, poverty and terrorism

THE FAILED car bombs in London and Glasgow, targeting a packed nightclub and busy airport, marked the end of Blair's premiership and the beginning of Brown's...

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21 June 2007

Brown stresses 'continuity' with Blair

Editorial: LONDON HAS become a tax haven for the world's billionaires. One British hedge fund manager put it clearly: "I think the super-rich want to have two homes..."

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31 May 2007

Stop and question: A dangerous kite to fly

Stop and question: NEW LABOUR'S departing Home Secretary John Reid has flagged up the possibility of introducing a new law giving the police unprecedented powers to 'stop and question' anyone in Britain...

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15 March 2007

Iraq war: Convicted Bush official is 'fall guy' over WMD scandal

IN THE most politically charged trial in the US since Irangate in the 1980s and Watergate in the 1970s, a senior official of the Bush administration - Lewis "scooter" Libby - was convicted of obstructing justice, perjury an...

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15 February 2007

Police raids dividing community

Birmingham 'terrorism' arrests: THE RECENT arrest of nine 'terrorist' suspects in Birmingham is another high profile police swoop to have taken place in recent months...

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5 October 2006

Bush's 'war on terror' fuels terrorism!

It's official! A US government report has admitted that the Bush administration-led war and occupation of Iraq has fuelled terrorism. The report was compiled from 16 government agencies back in April but has only now seen the light of day...

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