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5 October 2006

Bush's 'war on terror' fuels terrorism!

It's official! A US government report has admitted that the Bush administration-led war and occupation of Iraq has fuelled terrorism. The report was compiled from 16 government agencies back in April but has only now seen the light of day...

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7 September 2006

Reprint: After the carnage in the USA: World Crisis Deepens

Following the attacks on New York and Washington on the 11th September 2001 (9/11),  the Socialist Party published the following statements and analysis...

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24 August 2006

Wars and terrorism

THE LATEST alleged terror plot in the UK has brought memories of 7/7 flooding back, when more than fifty people were killed while travelling to work in London, writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary.

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22 June 2006

Community protests at trigger-happy policing

Marching in Forest Gate
Forest Gate raid: TWO THOUSAND protesters marched through east London last Sunday to demand an apology from the Metropolitan police over the Forest Gate 'anti-terrorism' raid - in which Abdul Kahar was shot and arrested along with his brother, Abul Koyair...

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15 June 2006

Anger mounting at bungled police raid

ANGER IS still mounting at the police dawn raid in Forest Gate. Muslim organisations have picketed New Scotland Yard to protest at the police shooting of postal worker Abdul Kahir and his arrest, along with his brother, as part, writes Simon Carter.

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2 February 2006

100 British victims of Blair's war

ON 31 January, it was announced that the 100th British soldier had been killed in the war and occupation of Iraq. This government is risking the lives of young soldiers in order to help fight US imperialism's battles to control...

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17 November 2005

Selection and 'free market' threaten our schools

Education White Paper: TONY BLAIR'S first defeat in parliament over the Terrorism Bill has made many parents, school students, teachers and education workers more confident that they can defeat Labour's latest education White Paper...

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3 November 2005

17th Century terrorism

400 years ago, on 5 November, Parliament met briefly where it was recorded that:...

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22 September 2005

Socialists fight for workers' unity

West Yorkshire: SINCE THE London bombings on 7 and 21 July, Socialist Party branches have been fighting for class unity, against the war and terrorism and against racism, sometimes in situations where a racist backlash could have developed...

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22 September 2005

Terror laws threaten democratic rights

WITH OVER 200 'anti-terrorism' legal measures already in existence, Tony Blair was coming under widespread criticism from civil rights campaigners and others for planning more...

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25 August 2005

March against war and terrorism

THE DEVASTATION of Hurricane Katrina has exposed the impact of Bush's imperialist adventures domestically...

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11 August 2005

Dewsbury: Uniting and organising against racism

After the London bombings...: EVENTS HAVE moved very rapidly in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, since the attempted bombings in London on 21 July...

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11 August 2005

Trade unions must mobilise against terrorism, racism and war

THE PROPOSALS outlined by Blair and government ministers since 5 August amount to a severe government clampdown on civil liberties...

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11 August 2005

Defend democratic rights

Workers' unity against war and terrorism: THE HORRIFIC terrorist attacks that have taken place in London and around the world have been condemned by the Socialist Party....

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28 July 2005

Workers' unity needed against war, terror and racism

THE SECOND wave of attacks in London on 21 July fortunately did not cause any injuries and deaths...

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28 July 2005

Jean Charles de Menezes: Angry marchers demand justice

AFTER THE killing of Jean Charles de Menezes on 22 July, Stop the War Coalition (STWC) called a peace vigil...

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28 July 2005

Repression won't prevent terrorism

RECENT EVENTS have dramatically heightened the atmosphere of insecurity and tension in Britain, and particularly London...

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28 July 2005

Workers' unity against war and terrorism

TONY BLAIR sent British troops into Iraq with the words that it would make the world a 'safer place'....

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21 July 2005

Troops out of Iraq

For a united demonstration against terrorism and war.
TONY BLAIR has attempted since the London bombings to claim there is no connection between the appalling events in London on 7 July and his government's involvement in the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

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21 July 2005

No to terror! No to war!

After the London bombings: THE MAIN reaction of working people to the horror of the London bombings has been a mood of unity against terrorism...

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