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30 May 2012

Them & Us

Expense oversight: Baroness Warsi says it was all an oversight. Her Ladyship, Tory peer and vice-chair of the Conservative Party, allegedly took taxpayers' cash for expenses for hotels while sleeping at a friend's house...

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N30: millions of public sector workers went on strike on 30 November 2011, photo Senan

Photo Senan

14 December 2011

Tories speak for the rich - not for us

David Cameron was stoutly defending the 'nation'. This is what he claimed after he was humiliatingly defeated by 26 votes to one at the 9 December EU summit and withdrew from participating in discussions over a new EU treaty. But which nation, asks Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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TUC protest outside Tory Party conference, photo by Paul Mattsson

5 October 2011

Tory conference farce - Carry on cutting!

A Guardian editorial summed up chancellor George Osborne's conference speech as: "while the basic facts have changed, his basic script has not", writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

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5 October 2011

Fast news

Health Bill rubbished: Health professionals have weighed in against the government's destructive Health and Social Care Bill, which will spell the beginning of the end of the NHS as a national, publicly owned and run body...

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24 February 2010

Tories attack community café...

ON 13 February, over 200 people marched through Bracknell in protest at the Tory council withdrawing financial support from the Look In Café, a town centre community café used mainly by the over-50s, as well as voluntary groups, writes Val and Terry Pearce, Save the Look In committee, personal capacity.

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27 May 2009

UKIP - yet another establishment party

WITH THE MPs' expenses scandal further undermining public support for the three main establishment parties, far right outfits like the UK Independence Party are hoping to revive their flagging fortunes in the forthcoming European elections...

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27 February 2008

Neither Labour nor Tories will defend public services

Tales from the council chamber: The most significant outcome of the recent Coventry council debate on next year's budget was how little would change whichever of the two main parties ran the council., writes Dave Nellist, Socialist Party Councillor, Coventry

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22 October 2007

Brown's blues

Gordon Brown's honeymoon is over. His initial commanding lead in opinion polls fuelled speculation of a snap election. Now, the new prime minister trails...

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11 October 2007

Brown's expedient election climb-down

Gordon Brown and David Cameron play 'Snap'

Gordon Brown and David Cameron play 'Snap'

Editorial: Gordon Brown's rapid recoil from the idea of holding an autumn election was a blatant example of the opportunism that typifies all the leaders of the main political parties...

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4 October 2007

Tory party fears an autumn election

Editorial: The Tories were beaten 10-0 on the eve of their conference in a football match with the press...

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13 September 2007

Tory party struggles to recapture territory taken by New Labour

A FEW months ago there seemed to be a Tory revival. Yet now, senior Tories are carrying out a public spat and Cameron seems unable to contain it...

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1 June 2006

Can the Tories win the next election?

FOLLOWING LABOUR'S disastrous local election results this is a question that many people are now asking. After years of un-electability, is it possible that under their new leader, David Cameron, they could return to haunt working-class...

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8 December 2005

Tories elect 'Blair-lite' leader

NEW LABOUR has been stealing Tory policies for well over a decade but for the last few months the Tories have been cloning copies of Tony Blair to choose yet another new leader...

More ...

6 October 2005

Tory Party fights for its survival

EXTOLLED FOR decades as the most successful capitalist party in Europe, caretaker leader Michael Howard this week presides over a squabbling bunch of would-be successors in the Tory party...

More ...

8 May 2004

The Winter of Discontent: When Workers Could Take No More

IT IS now a quarter of a century since Margaret Thatcher's Tory Party won the general election on 3 May 1979. ...

More ...

8 November 2003

Tory Party Victory For 'Something Of The Right'

TWO MONTHS ago the Conservative Christian Fellowship posted prayers for their party on their website, writes Alistair Tice.

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1 November 2003

Tories - The Infighting Goes On

EVERYONE OVER 30 in Britain can remember the Tories as a seemingly invincible party of government. Most can also remember when their leader, the Iron Lady, was forced out of office by a mass movement against...

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18 October 2003

Can The Nasty Party Win Again?

After the Tory conference: MICHAEL PORTILLO described this year's Tory Party conference as "horrible, dejected, miserable, talking about the leadership all the time - the worst conference anyone could remember", writes Hannah Sell.

More ...

11 May 2001

Tory pre-election blues

THE TORY Party is in disarray. The party's right-wing racist policies are showing up leader William Hague as a desperate politician who'll plumb any depths to win votes - but very unsuccessfully! A month...

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