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Students / Tuition Fees

Socialist Students: Our Education Under Attack - why a mass campaign is needed

17 March 2010

Defend higher education

Course closures, funding cuts, job losses, fees... The last 18 months, since the start of the economic crisis, have seen students and campus trade unions organising protest action in Britain on a scale not seen since the movement to oppose the introduction of tuition fees in 1997-1998...

More ...

19 January 2010

LibDems show their true colours

As part of their 'progressive cuts' agenda, the Liberal Democrats have now backed down from their pledge of abolishing tuition fees, writes Paul Phillips Youth Fight for Jobs student organiser.

More ...

Sussex university students demonstrate, photo Socialist Students

pic: Socialist Students

6 January 2010

Mandelson savages university funding

THE GOVERNMENT'S business secretary, Peter Mandelson, delivered a Christmas 'kick in the teeth' to students and university workers by adding a cuts package of 135 million onto cuts of hundreds of millions already announced, writes Matt Dobson, national organiser, Socialist Students.

More ...

13 February 2008

Feature: The great university swindle

Introducing university tuition fees was one of New Labour's first acts in government. Proving their pro-big business and pro-market agenda, they followed up by introducing top-up fees of up to 3,000 a year. But students who are struggling and facing a lifetime of debt must not accept this.

Socialist Students national organiser MATT DOBSON looks at the situation and outlines a programme for fighting for free education.

More ...

20 December 2003

A living grant not tuition fees

Fight Fees: GOVERNMENT MINISTERS recently paid a company 180,000 to bombard potential undergraduates with text messages boosting their hated top-up fees policy...

More ...

13 December 2003

Tuition Fees Crisis Deepens

TONY BLAIR has had a bruising year. Millions have demonstrated against war in Iraq, public sector workers have taken strike action over pay and MPs have revolted over Iraq and foundation hospitals. He...

More ...

13 December 2003

Exposed: Labour's plans to bring the 'market' into higher education

Facts Behind The Fees: THE UNIVERSITY top-up fees Bill is causing a major headache for Tony Blair. He is desperately trying to sell it to an angry public and to rebellious Labour MPs. Zena Awad is the national coordinator of...

More ...

6 December 2003

Scrap Fees Now!

"LISTEN AND scrap fees" was the plea from last month's National Union of Students demonstration. But the message still falls on deaf ears in Downing Street, writes Michael Comerford, Socialist Students, Brunel University.

More ...

6 December 2003

Tuition fees: Blair Skates On Thin Ice

TONY BLAIR is getting desperate. Over 130 Labour MPs have put their names to a motion opposing his plans for top-up tuition fees. Rebellion seems to be becoming contagious. Earlier this year, 139 MPs voted...

More ...

29 November 2003

Tuition Fees = Student Poverty

THIS WEEK the Queen's Speech will unveil Blair's government's plans to let 'top' universities charge controversial "top-up" tuition fees of up to 3,000 a year...

More ...

11 October 2003

Fighting tuition fees in the USA

THERE IS massive opposition to New Labour's plans to introduce top-up tuition fees. Many see this as a step towards a tuition fees free-for-all as exists in the USA. Below we reprint two articles from...

More ...

4 October 2003

Blair On The Ropes

Iraq, foundation hospitals, top-up tuition fees...: TONY BLAIR says he's feeling "battered". And so he should...

More ...

4 October 2003

Tuition fees must go!

BLAIR SAYS that every New Labour policy will go through a fairness test. What hypocrisy! This from the man who is pushing top-up tuition fees even though 80% of the population and most of his own party...

More ...

28 June 2003

Scrap All Tuition Fees

ANOTHER FORM of tax - tuition fees - was debated in Parliament this week. Over 100 New Labour MPs either abstained or voted for a motion to abandon proposals for top-up fees...

More ...

29 November 2002

No Fees: Fight for free education

THE NATIONAL Union of Students (NUS) demonstration on 4 December will show the anger of students at New Labour policies to make them pay even more for education, writes Colin Wray, Sheffield University.

More ...

22 November 2002

Top-Up Fees - Build A Mass Movement Of Action

NEW LABOUR'S ministers clearly intend to increase the cost of university education. Higher education minister Margaret Hodge says that students could pay as much as 15,000 for a three-year degree, writes Kieran Roberts.

More ...

15 February 2002

No fees! For a living grant!

ON 20 February, students will show their anger about tuition fees in a massive demonstration in London, writes Christian Bunke, Manchester.

More ...

15 February 2002

Welsh Assembly Short-Changes Students

STUDENTS IN Wales will greet the recent announcement by the Labour-Liberal administration in the Welsh Assembly that they are restoring grants as a partial victory for their campaigning for "Grants not Fees"

More ...

16 November 2001

No To The Graduate Tax - Fight For Free Education

MANY YOUNG people were relieved to read that the government is discussing abolishing tuition fees and introducing a grant...

More ...

10 August 2001

Now put Fees on the scrap heap

Student funding system failing: IN THE next few weeks tens of thousands of students will get their A level results and be wondering whether or not to go to college...

More ...

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