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Wisconsin workers protest

Wisconsin workers protest

1 March 2011

Largest protest yet against Wisconsin Governor's anti-union bill

USA: Saturday, 26 February saw the largest demonstrations yet in Madison, Wisconsin. This was the twelfth consecutive day of protest against Republican Gov. Walker's bill to effectively eliminate collective bargaining for public sector workers. An edited version of this report was published in the Socialist.

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1 February 2011

US prisoner activist facing violent retaliation

Urgent Solidarity needed - Support Shawn Whatley! Stop all retaliations against Georgia prison strike activists!

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Andros Payiatsos, General Secretary Xekinima, (CWI in Greece), speaking at Socialism 2010

24 December 2010

Videos of Socialism 2010 now online

Leaders of some of the most militant trade unions engaged in struggle today against cuts and sackings spoke at the Saturday and Sunday rallies of Socialism 2010...

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3 November 2010

USA elections: What the Tea Party really represents

As The Socialist goes to print, US electors will be voting in their mid-term congressional elections...

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20 September 2010

The Nature of the Problem: An Impending Environmental Crisis

Few, except for George Bush and his carefully picked 'experts', who speak for the interests of the oil companies and other multinationals, argue against the view that we face an impending environmental crisis...

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Extent of surface oil slick on May 24 2010, photo NASA

Extent of surface oil slick on May 24 2010, photo NASA

2 June 2010

Oil spill is 'worst environmental disaster' to hit US

THE OIL spill in the Gulf of Mexico following the fatal explosion on the BP leased Deepwater Horizon oil rig has exceeded the Exxon Valdez catastrophe of 1989, when eleven million gallons of crude oil devastated the pristine Alaskan coastline...

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19 May 2010

USA: Putting forward a Socialist Alternative in Seattle

More than 140 people came to discuss socialist ideas for changing the world at the socialism conference, organised by the CWI-affiliated organisation Socialist Alternative and held at Seattle University, which marked a big step forward for socialists in Washington State, writes Socialist Alternative reporters, US CWI.

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17 March 2010

Defending public education in the USA

A NEW movement of students and education workers has erupted against vicious budget cuts in public education across the USA...

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11 November 2009

Internationally young people fight for their rights

Austria: United action: The last months of raging capitalist crisis have seen devastating attacks begin on the living standards of workers and youth around the world, writes Laura Rafetseder, Socialist Left Party (SLP, CWI in Austria).

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30 August 2009

Fighting for LGBT rights in the USA

FRUSTRATED BY the inaction of the Obama administration and unwilling to continue to accept their second-class status, gay rights activists have called a national march for equality in Washington, DC, on 11 October...

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14 August 2009

Socialists say: we need a socialist NHS!

Socialists in the UK and the USA speak out

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29 July 2009

When workers shut down Minneapolis

75th anniversary of the "Teamster Rebellion": TODAY, FACED with the worst economic crisis since the 1930s Great Depression, it is crucial we learn how workers successfully defended themselves in the past...

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15 April 2009

Fast news

Let yourself go: SOME FIVE million workers in the US have lost their jobs since the start of the current recession. But while mass unemployment is a cause of widespread misery and hardship, to some TV producers it's an...

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31 March 2009

Bail out workers, not Wall Street!

THERE HAS been a tidal wave of outrage generated by the bonus payments paid to top bankers after their bankrupt corporations were bailed out with public funds...

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7 January 2009

USA: Chicago factory workers occupation wins concessions

BY OCCUPYING their plant, and refusing to budge, workers at the Republic Windows & Doors factory in Chicago have provided an inspirational example to workers around the country of how workers can fight and win their demands, writes Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative (CWI, USA).

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27 November 2007

SOLIDARITY APPEAL: Defend Tukwila Teachers Threatened with Termination for Antiwar Student Walkout

On November 16th, over 1,000 students in Washington State walked out to protest the war in Iraq and the presence of military recruiters in public schools. Students at Foster High School in Tukwila, Washington organized and 150 walked out, saying "Money for Schools, Not War."

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22 November 2007

2008 US presidential election

The twin parties of big business offer no solutions for working-class people: ELECTIONS CAN pose important questions in the minds of workers and youth. With a growing anti-war mood in the US, further signs of a looming recession... By James Kerr

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22 November 2007

GM, Chrysler, and Ford's 'race to the bottom'

WITH THEIR industry caught in a deep crisis of overcapacity, the 'Big Three' auto companies demanded brutal concessions on all fronts, and the United Auto Workers' (UAW) union leadership delivered... By Ty Moore, Socialist Alternative, USA

More ...

14 November 2007

USA: Enthusiastic response to socialist policies

ON 6 November over 6.5% of those who voted in Boston's city (USA) council election cast their ballots for Matt Geary, the candidate of Socialist Alternative [the Socialist Party's US counterpart].... By Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative (CWI, USA), Boston

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17 October 2007

The vultures are circling ever closer

Vulture, cartoon Alan Hardman

Vulture, cartoon Alan Hardman

NHS privatisation: FOURTEEN PRIVATE multinational companies will shortly be 'helping' England's primary care trusts (PCTs) commission services for patients... By Roger Shrives

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