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17 October 2007

The vultures are circling ever closer

Vulture, cartoon Alan Hardman

Vulture, cartoon Alan Hardman

NHS privatisation: FOURTEEN PRIVATE multinational companies will shortly be 'helping' England's primary care trusts (PCTs) commission services for patients... By Roger Shrives

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19 July 2007

USA: The case for socialised medicine

THE FOLLOWING articles appear in Justice, the newspaper of Socialist Alternative -the Socialist Party's counterpart in the USA...

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28 June 2007

USA: Protesters demand military recruiters out of schools

Below is a report of an anti-war action against military recruiters in school, which Socialist Alternative (CWI in US) played an important role in organising....

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16 November 2006

Don't 'unfetter' drug giants

THE WHITE House is lobbying Blair's government to give the world's pharmaceutical giants - largely US-owned - unrestricted access to the NHS as part of the package of 'free market' health service reforms....

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22 February 2006

Car workers fight layoffs

HUNDREDS WERE expected for the picket line outside Delphi Flint East, Michigan, on 16 February to protest the auto parts manufacturer's drive to lay off 24,000 workers and cut wages by 60%...

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26 January 2006

Scaring children into believing in Jesus

Review: The Root of all evil, Channel 4: Richard Dawkins' two-part programme on religion on Channel 4, The Root of All Evil has provoked a massive over-reaction from the religious right. They show no sign of turning the other cheek and forgiving him!...

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1 December 2005

USA - Lame duck president George Bush waddles on

BUSH IS no longer the invincible, '9/11 president'. His appeals for "unity" against the enemy and for the US to "stay the course"...

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10 November 2005

Successful student walkouts across the country

USA anti war protests: Successful student walkouts across the country
November 2 reports from Seattle, Twin Cities, Tacoma, Boston. On November 2nd thousands of students from across the country walked out of class and onto the streets to protest Bush's war in Iraq and military recruitment in their schools.

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15 September 2005

Aftermath of hurricane Katrina: a window on the future under capitalism

The article below is an abridged version of articles written for a special supplement of Justice, the newspaper of Socialist Alternative (CWI USA)

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25 August 2005

Hurricane Katrina exposes Bush's rotten capitalist system

THOUSANDS IN New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast have died of drowning, dehydration, starvation and lack of medical care...

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7 July 2005

Block Bush in the streets!

Stop the right-wing takeover of the US Supreme Court: WITH THE resignation of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the most contentious political battle of Bush's second term has begun...

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12 March 2005

Bush threatens women's rights

THE RELIGIOUS right in the US has declared war on women and our reproductive rights...

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5 March 2005

Can George Bush's second-term offensive be defeated?

USA feature: SINCE WINNING re-election three months ago, George W Bush has made it very clear that he intends to go on the offensive in his second term...

More ...

11 December 2004

USA: Poverty in the world's richest country

"LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness." This is supposedly what the dream of America offers, but does this hold true for the 35.9 million Americans living in poverty today, according to the 2004 U.S. Census Bureau report?...

More ...

13 November 2004

How Could Bush Win?

Democratsí Failure Shows Need for New Party: Tens of millions are deeply dismayed at the victory of George W. Bush and the Republicans, and are asking, "How could Bush have won?"...

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21 August 2004

Boston: Hundreds pack Ralph Nader meeting

WHILE THE last preparations were being put in place for the corporate-sponsored, stage-managed Democratic Party Convention in the USA, independent radical presidential candidate Ralph Nader spoke in Boston about why he's determined to challenge the two-party status quo...

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6 December 2003

University of Minnesota: First strike for 60 years

ON 21 October, the University of Minnesota (U of M) was shocked by its first strike in 60 years. For two weeks, members of the 1,800-strong American Federation of. State and County Municipal Employees...

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11 October 2003

Fighting tuition fees in the USA

THERE IS massive opposition to New Labour's plans to introduce top-up tuition fees. Many see this as a step towards a tuition fees free-for-all as exists in the USA. Below we reprint two articles from...

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12 April 2003

USA: Problems in the world's engine room

THE USA has serious problems. It spends more on its armed forces than the rest of the planet put together and the military are the biggest employer - even in peacetime...

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28 March 2003

Hypocrisy on prisoners of war

IRAQI FORCES took five American GIs prisoner near Nassiriya on 23 March. The Arabic Al-Jazeera satellite (followed by most of the world's media) showed them being interviewed by Iraqi TV. Next day Iraq...

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