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16 June 2010

Willetts approves tuition fees hike

ON 9 June the new universities minister, David Willetts, gave his clearest indication yet of his government's intention to raise tuition fees, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield.

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25 November 2009

Attacks begin at Bangor University

Earlier in the year, Bangor university vice-chancellor, Merfyn Jones, announced 5 million in cuts to be made at the same time as receiving a 9%, above inflation, pay rise, writes Iain Dalton.

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11 November 2009

Big business fights for fees: Students must fight back

The higher education funding review that will look at university fees levels began on 9 November. On the same day a Compass/YouGov poll showed that only 12% of the public believe the review should even...

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22 September 2009

Universities in crisis - Join Socialist Students

According to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary universities are "formed for the purpose of giving and receiving instruction in a fixed range of subjects at a level beyond that provided at a school", writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

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Youth Fight for jobs campaigning in Birmingham against the bankers bailouts and bonuses, photo Birmingham YFJ

Youth Fight for jobs campaigning in Birmingham against the bankers bailouts and bonuses, photo Birmingham YFJ

12 August 2009

New term approaching for students: Build the fightback!

Autumn is fast approaching, but this will be an autumn like no other. Young people, who have grown up in the boom and have aspirations of a decent life, are now seeing their futures snatched away as jobs.

Stephen Burrell, Birmingham YFJ, argues that it is vital that socialists reach out to as many young people as possible.

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Fighting fees  - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

Fighting fees - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

8 July 2009

Higher fees in higher education

University fees are to be raised by 2.04% in 2010, taking them to 3,290 a year. This means that top-up fees have increased by almost 300 since they were introduced three years ago, writes Stephen Burrell, Birmingham Socialist Students.

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Socialist Party congress 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Party congress 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

19 March 2009

Fight tuition fees: fight for jobs: fight for a future!

Campaign to defeat fees: Last month Wes Streeting, president of the National Union of Students, claimed that "moving to the right on tuition fees makes sense", writes Stephen Burrell, Birmingham Socialist Students.

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Fighting fees  - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

Fighting fees - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

4 March 2009

Anti-fees demo success - despite NUS leaders' obstructions

A LOUD and militant march of over a thousand students took place in central London on 25 February. It demanded free education and living grants for all. It further called for mass opposition to university...

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28 January 2009

Build a mass movement for free education

NUS leadership severs links with students: The National Union of Students (NUS) governance review was passed at an extraordinary conference on 20 January in Wolverhampton, writes Ben Robinson.

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3 December 2008

Southampton uni students fight fees

AROUND 100 students attended a Campaign to Defeat Fees (CDF) protest at Southampton University on 1 December...

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22 October 2008

Bangor students vote to fight fees

Bail out the students - not the bankers! - Campaign to Defeat Fees protest, photo Bob Severn

Bail out the students - not the bankers! - Campaign to Defeat Fees protest, photo Bob Severn

The Campaign to Defeat Fees (CDF) won a victory when students at Bangor University in Wales voted to support the campaign's aims in a student union referendum, writes Iain Dalton and Matt Dobson.

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22 October 2008

Campaign to Defeat Fees day of action

London: The chant of, "Stop the fees, stop the debt. Give us what the bankers get!" was heard up and down Victoria Street as Socialist Students protested outside the Department of Innovation, Universities and...

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17 October 2008

Students in Bangor win vote to fight fees

Campaign to Defeat Fees wins

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8 October 2008

Campaign to defeat fees!

Build a mass movement for free education: SINCE THE New Labour government brought in tuition fees eleven years ago, students have been told that "debt is good." The government claimed that the university fees and loans system increased social mobility, that all students who graduate would have their debts cancelled out by increased earnin, writes Iain Dalton, Bangor Socialist Students, and Matt Dobson Socialist Students national organiser.

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24 September 2008

Students seek out socialists!

At Northumbria freshers fair it was very interesting to hear what students are saying. Socialist Students members campaign on a number of issues and it appeared that students are concerned about all of them...

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9 July 2008

MP backs student fees campaign

THE GOVERNMENT is currently scheduled to 'review' the cap on university fees, with the prospect of the maximum chargeable amount being lifted from 3,000 a year to 5,000 or maybe more, writes Ben Robinson.

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25 June 2008

Student unions can be pushed into action

Socialist Students: On Wednesday 18 June, Southampton University Students Union (SUSU) picketed the University of Southampton senate meeting...

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7 May 2008

Bangor Socialist Students fight tuition fees

Bangor Socialist Students held a protest on 23 April encouraging the student union to support the Campaign to Defeat Fees (CDF), which follows several weeks of gathering support for the cause, writes James Nock, Bangor Socialist Students.

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16 April 2008

Portsmouth Activists Academy day of debate

On Saturday 12 April, Portsmouth students union, aided by Socialist Students members, held its inaugural Activist Academy, which brought together around 30 campaigners during the course of the day from groups across the south. Will Schafer-Peek, Southampton Socialist Students reports.

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2 April 2008

ID cards: No to students being used as guinea pigs!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith recently announced plans for ID cards to be introduced on a 'voluntary' basis for certain groups, including students, writes Steve Sweeney, Cambridge Socialist Students.

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