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10 June 2015

1945 - when Britain said no to Churchill

TV review: Geoff Jones (Socialist Party Wales) reviews 'Churchill - When Britain Said No'

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3 December 2014

Zero-hour contracts: Demeaning rules and poverty pay

A day in the life: I worked at a bar in a major airport. It reminded me of my early school days. Collecting a green pass, the badge of responsibility at work, took about three months

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19 November 2014

Fighting for decent working conditions

Zero-hour, minimum wage, and no chairs: The Conservative Party boasts it has 'created new opportunities for youth' and 'got Britain working again'

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BFAWU members taking part in the TUC Manchester NHS demo in September 2013, photo Paul Mattsson

12 February 2014

Fast food workers: Hungry for decent pay and conditions

A new campaign aims to win rights for fast food workers

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15 January 2014

Organising fast food workers

Officials from bakers' union BFAWU recently held a 'fast food forum' with campaigners from groups including Youth Fight for Jobs

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23 October 2013

We need action against zero-hour contracts

How do you make a 1.7 billion fortune? It's perhaps not a question most of us have spent too much time pondering.

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Student occupation continues at Sussex 13-3-13, photo Brighton and Hove Socialist Party

Student occupation continues at Sussex 13-3-13, photo Brighton and Hove Socialist Party

18 September 2013

Anger at zero-hour contracts in universities

Rent-a-prof?: Sports Direct, McDonalds, Wetherspoons, Cineworld and... Britain's universities. Many people were no doubt shocked to hear that the use of zero-hour contracts is endemic not just among employers in retail

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28 August 2013

Nothing new at Sports Direct

As a former employee of Sports Soccer which was the predecessor of Sports Direct it came as little surprise to me to learn that this company is one of the worst culprits for using zero-hour contracts, writes an ex-Sports Soccer worker.

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24-hour delivery, zero-hour contracts, photo Ian Pattison

19 August 2013

Zero-hour contract protests at Sports Direct and Primark

Youth Fight for Jobs campaigners target zero-hour employers in Plymouth city centre

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16 August 2013

Zero-hour contract protests in Leeds and York this Saturday

Youth Fight for Jobs (YF) activists in Yorkshire will be holding protests against zero-hour contracts this Saturday, 17th August, with protests outside Sports Direct in Leeds and York at 12 noon

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31 July 2013

Zero hours contract scandal

We demand real jobs and a living wage: The scandal of Sports Direct employing their entire part-time workforce (90% of employees) on zero hours contracts has been exposed this week

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30 July 2013

Protests outside zero-hour contract Sports Direct

Shockingly, but unsurprisingly, it has been exposed that all 20,000 part-time staff at Sports Direct, owned by billionaire tycoon Mike Ashley, are on zero-hour contracts.

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Sick of Your Boss

Sick of Your Boss

10 July 2013

Are you sick of... Low pay?... Zero hour contracts?... Job insecurity?... bullying bosses?...

Join the protests!
Young workers are fed up with poor working conditions, poverty pay, zero-hour contracts and the lack of security at work.

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PCS Young members network lobby the TUC, photo by Paul Mattsson

PCS Young members network lobby the TUC, photo by Paul Mattsson

10 July 2013

PCS Young Members Network forum

I was lucky enough to represent Youth Fight for Jobs by speaking at the civil service union PCS Young Members Network (YMN) annual forum, writes Ian Pattison.

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Sick of Your Boss

Sick of Your Boss

3 July 2013

'Sick Of Your Boss?' week of action 8-13 July

The profit-hungry, super-exploitative companies who employ the nation's 'precariat' will be targeted by young workers and campaigners in a national week of action from 8 to 13 July

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