London Pride 2005

Make Homophobia History!

Make Capitalism History!

'Make homophobia & capitalism history!' is the Socialist Party Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Group message at this year's Pride.

As thousands of trade unionists, school students, socialists, community activists and others protest in Edinburgh against the G8 leaders and capitalism the London Pride Parade and Rally will be taking place in London with sponsorship from Ford, Virgin Mobile and even the Metropolitan Police Authority!.

On the 27 June 1969 in New York's Greenwich Village the police raided a gay bar which resulted in the Stonewall Riots and gave birth to the idea of "Gay Pride" and "Gay Liberation". This was the time of the black civil rights movement and the Vietnam War with the mass, worldwide movement against the war which influenced the political outlook of many generations to come.

Many LGBT rights groups and organisations say we do not need to fight for "gay liberation" as we all ready have it because of the legal reform which has taken place and that we have so many gay bars, clubs and magazines to choose from and the power of the "pink pound"!

legal reform is insufficient

The Socialist Party LGBT Group has fought for legal reforms, from the fight for an equal age of consent to getting rid of Section 28. On its own, however, legal reform is insufficient. The Race Relations Act was passed in 1967, yet racial prejudice still exists today and homophobia is still very much alive and all around us.

The Socialist Party believes that prejudice is an intrinsic part of the capitalist system. Capitalism's ideology is advanced to justify the privileged existence of an elite at the expense of the majority and thrives on the inequalities in society which it creates.

At times of economic and social crisis, sections of the capitalist establishment try to divert attention away from the way their system operates. By claiming society's "moral disintegration" or that "people from outside are eroding our traditional way of life", they seek to create a reactionary climate of opinion out of which to gain support.

Taking the arguments for LGBT liberation and fight against capitalism into the trade unions, workplaces, into the schools, colleges and youth clubs, into the communities and voluntary organisations, we could rally support behind the call for genuine equality that could stop homophobia.

A strategy to achieve lasting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender liberation depends on linking the day-to-day battles against anti-gay and anti-transgender discrimination to the struggle to rebuild a mass movement for socialism and achieve a socialist society.

We aim to:

  • Campaign within in the wider gay movement for a socialist approach to fighting for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender liberation.

  • Organising local & trade union campaigns against homophobia.

  • Oppose the commercialisation of the PRIDE marches and festivals.

  • Join Us: The Socialist Party LGBT Group, P.O. Box 24697, London, E11 1YD.
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