The Rise of Militant

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1964: Militant's Early Years

An International Outlook

Militant And Wilson's Government

Northern Ireland: The Troubles

1970: Tory Government

International Events

The Rise Of Militant

1974: The Working Class On The Move: International Events

A Labour Government - But Where's The Socialism?

Enter Militant Stage Left

1975: Spain, Portugal And Ethiopia

The Socialist Opposition Grows

The Critical Point

The Winter Of Discontent - Beginnings

The High Tide

1979: Thatcher To Power

Thatcher's Challenge To The Labour Movement

H-Blocks And Solidarnosc

Militant Surges

1982: Falklands/Malvinas War

Towards Expulsions

1982: Expelled... Into The Movement

A Workers' MP On A Workers' Wage: Liverpool And Coventry

Daring To Fight

1984: The Miners' Strike

Into Illegality In Liverpool

School Students' Strike

1985: Liverpool: Round Two

Winston, Westland & Wapping

The Fight Against The Witch-Hunt

1986: Militant At High Tide

1987: General Election

The Poll Tax: Early Days

Russia, Trotsky And The Collapse Of Stalinism

Militant In Transition

1990: Into Top Gear

The Gathering Storm

Poll Tax demo: 31 March 1990

The Riot

Defending Non-Payers

International Challenges & An Historical Setback

The Gulf War

1991: Militant Faces A Breakaway

Two Trends In Militant

Scottish Militant Labour

1992:  General Election

New World Disorder

Fighting For Socialism

1993: Militant Labour Launched

Fighting Fascism

The Balkans

On Our Way To Wembley

1994: Our Thirtieth Year