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Capitalism in crisis

The case for socialism

Socialist Party deputy general secretary Hannah Sell argues the case for socialism. The defenders of capitalism were wrong and the socialists and Marxist were right.

This is what the current economic crisis means - as well as hardship for millions of people.

Over the last few decades the representatives of capitalism have claimed victory for their system, declaring that the 'free market' is the only way of running the world.

Reality has proven somewhat different...


Campaign for a New Workers' Party


Join the Campaign for a New Workers' Party Socialist Party pamphlet now online

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This pamphlet gives a brief explanation of why the Socialist Party has initiated the Campaign for a New Workers' Party

The author is Hannah Sell, a member of the Socialist Party Executive Committee.





Liverpool - A City that dared to Fight 

The struggle of Liverpool city council, at its height in 1984, compelled the 'Iron Lady', British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, to beat a retreat.

A movement involving a city of half a million working class people, Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe and Tony Mulhearn, one of the leaders of the movement, tell how the struggle over 1983-87 made Liverpool synonymous with 'militancy', not just in Britain, but internationally.


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A civil war without guns:20 years on, the lessons of the 1984-85 miners’ strike

A detailed story of this tremendous one year long battle by the miners and their families against Thatcher




The Great Gold Rush: How to Fight the Privatisation Bonanza  

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Fighting for Women Rights and Socialism

Global Warning - socialism and the environment   

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Reclaim the Game: the death of the people's game

Updated November 2005

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Football fanatic and socialist John Reid writes about the death of the people's game at the hands of big business



Liberation Generation: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality beyond 2002

Beyond the Troubles?

AUGUST 31, 1994, and the IRA's announcement of a ceasefire, was an historic date in Irish history. Are the Troubles over? This booklet was written in 1994 to provide answers to these questions. (Now out of print)

We beat the poll tax - in 1991 Militant defeated Thatcher's tax


Socialism in the 21st Century - The way forward for anti-capitalismWhat Is Socialism?


Socialism in the 21st Century - The way forward for anti-capitalism


Answers questions such as Could things be different? How could socialism work? and Is there an easier way to change the world?

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The Rise of Militant


The Rise of Militant: Militant's Thirty Years 1964 - 1994 The official history of the Militant tendency, forerunner of the Socialist Party.


Written by Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party and The Militant's first editor

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Socialism: Utopian and Scientific By Frederick Engels. Essential reading

Why Socialism by Albert Einstein

What Is Marxism?

The Socialist Party's Marxist analysis of society today:


British Perspectives 2008

Socialist Party congress documents 2008


Socialist Party and CWI documents on Britain

Socialist Party congress documents 2007


British perspectives: Socialist Party congress document 2006



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Classic Marxists texts



The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, with new introduction

The Manifesto’s "vision of the Global Market was uncannily prescient," remarks Francis Wheen, in his biography of Marx.

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What about Russia? What was the significance of the Russian Revolution? Does Stalinism inevitably arise from any attempt to establish a socialist society? Includes eye-witness accounts of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Includes Trotsky's definitive and brilliant In Defence of October, together with Stalinism and Bolshevism and Lessons of October

Permanent Revolution by Leon Trotsky: one of Leon Trotsky’s major contributions to Marxist thought

The role of the state - cartoon by Alan Hardman

Marxism and the state: an exchange

For socialists, the issue of the state is vital. What is its class character? What programme and policies should we put forward?


The state: a warning to the labour movement Analysis of the events told in the BBC2 programme, 'The Plot Against Harold Wilson', screened on the 30th anniversary of Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson's resignation.

Che Guevara - Symbol of struggle (CWI website) by Tony Saunois

What Is Marxism? Lenin: The Historic Service Of Marx And Engels

Lenin: The Three Sources And Three Component Parts Of Marxism

Marx: Marxist view of the development of human society

Engels: The materialist conception of history

The "division of labour"

The "economic conditions"

Lenin: The Historical Destiny Of The Teaching Of Karl Marx

On The Theory Of Marxism

Trotsky: The Philosophy of Marxism: dialectical materialism

The State and Revolution by Lenin

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The rise and fall of the Communist International

Marxism Opposes Terrorism Peter Taaffe: The False Methods of Terrorism

Trotsky: Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism

Trotsky: The Bankruptcy of Terrorism

Peter Taaffe: Marxism Opposes Individual Terrorism

Transitional Programme by Trotsky With new introduction.

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The Class, The Party and the Leadership: This article is an unfinished work written by Trotsky and first published in 1940. It nevertheless forms a very valuable text.

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