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5 January 2011

Heinz strike again

The Scrooge employers at Heinz really hated Christmas 2010. 1,200 employees at Kitt Green, Wigan held their third 24-hour stoppage over Christmas on 29 December, and each strike day means two million cans of beans don't get produced.

Paul Gerrard

Up to 100 pickets have braved freezing night-time temperatures, encouraged by local well-wishers who have brought mince pies and other Christmas fare to the picket lines.

This time strikers were heartened by a visit from Len McCluskey, newly elected general secretary of Unite, who attacked the 'turbo-charged profit margins' and 15% bonuses managers make, while workers are expected to take a pay cut. An already unacceptable offer has been withdrawn and last week's 'talks' have been described as a joke.

Unite convenor Ian Wright said: "Len's visit was the icing on the cake, we supported him in his campaign and we have voted for the right man."

A further 24-hour strike is taking place on 5 January but Ian warns: "we will have to take further and more intense action if meaningful talks don't resume soon."

Support and donations are warmly welcomed. Email support to, and contact Ian on 07716 375 488 for more information and to make a donation to the strike fund.