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1 April 2015

London bus companies forced into pay talks

London bus drivers in the Socialist Party

Following on from the two successful days of strike action in January and February, London bus workers - members of Unite the Union - have forced many of the bus companies and Transport for London (TfL) to talks on 9 April.

This is a major climbdown both from the bus companies who up until now have refused to talk to Unite, but also from TfL bosses which have repeatedly said that the current dispute has nothing to do with them.

On hearing the news that their strike has forced the employers to talks, bus workers are very positive and see this as a significant step in the dispute. It's important the message that strike action has had this affect gets around to as many drivers as possible to help maintain and increase support for the current strategy

This decision to attend the talks was agreed by a meeting of bus worker Unite reps. However reps agreed that if management show they are not serious about these talks and not prepared to discuss the main issues of the dispute, such as the equalisation of pay across all companies and routes, then strike action will be resumed.

This reps meeting followed on from several well attended 'cluster' meetings of workers from groups of bus garages where there was still a very determined mood to see a successful outcome to this dispute.

This is a major dispute and would have enormous implications for all workers, if successful.