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10 June 2015

'Promising futures' wasted by cuts

Build a mass movement to fight back

Thousands of "promising futures" are being put at risk by cuts. That's according to a survey of English councils by the Local Government Association (LGA). 90% have cut services for teenagers not in education, employment or training.

The massacring of council services since 2010 has included a reduction of a third to youth services, scrapping the Connexions advice service and closing youth centres.

The abolition of EMA student payments and trebling of tuition fees blocked off further and higher education to many. Benefit cuts, low wages and sky-high rents mean the poorest young people are stuck living with parents, unable to begin their adult lives.


Young people's futures are being stolen by the Tories - and all the pro-cuts parties, including Labour. But we're not taking it lying down.

Tens of thousands have taken part in the wave of protests since the Tories snuck their way back into Number 10 in May, many called at very short notice and led by young people. We have to keep up this momentum and escalate the protest action.

Youth Fight Austerity is holding a 'Block the Billionaire's Budget' protest outside the Treasury Office in London on 11 June in the run up to the People's Assembly national demonstration on 20 June and the national day of action on budget day on 8 July.

The budget will include a further 12 billion of welfare cuts, including more attacks on benefits for young people.

These devastating cuts really are life and death - as shown by the (at least) 80 people who have tragically committed suicide in part because of benefit changes.

The "promising futures" that the LGA talks of being wasted have a real effect on our communities. How many potential social workers, teachers and nurses are forced to waste their talents and interests because of the effect of the cuts?

We need protests, walkouts, occupations and public meetings to take place in every town and city on 8 July.

Let's use the three key dates in the next month as a spring board to a mass movement against the Tories, against austerity, and against capitalism.

Budget Day day of action

8 July, events around the country, see for details of actions near you

Block the Billionaire's Budget protest

5pm, Thursday 11 June, The Treasury,

1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ