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29 July 2015

Help fund the party that fights austerity!

Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer

The Socialist Party is in the news! The Blairites in the Labour Party are panicking at the growing surge behind Jeremy Corbyn's candidacy; they don't understand that it is linked to the failure of Labour to fight the Tories. As one person on Twitter commented: "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor".

The storm of anger at Labour MPs abstaining on the Tories' cruel Welfare Bill shows the potential support for the Socialist Party and our determined struggle against austerity.

We can tap into this support. Our members are out campaigning and fundraising to ensure that we reach this quarter's fighting fund target of 25,000.

At Tolpuddle, 200 was collected for the fighting fund; members commented that they had never seen such a response before. Members in Southampton raised 100 campaigning against the closure of the Bitterne, Walk-in centre. In Salford, after raising 107 at their normal spot, members tried doing a campaign stall in Broughton and after a slow start raised 24 with 3 people asking for more information about joining. In Stoke 213 was raised campaigning against the closure of Longton Cottage Hospital.

Everyone can raise money for the Socialist Party, from the newest to the oldest member, and branches can organise fundraisers and social events that tap into those talents. East Kent branch raised 50 from helping put on a musical event and have plans to raise more through a clothes sale; Liverpool branch raised 102 at a car boot sale. Dan Crowter from Coventry West raised 60 with a CWI fantasy football league, half the money going to winner Josh Asker's branch in Southampton.

But you don't have to join the Socialist Party to raise money for us! Go to the donate button on our website at and you can make a regular donation via PayPal or with your credit or debit card.

We appeal to all our supporters to consider making a donation, whether a one-off or regular; help fund the party that fights austerity!