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6 December 2017

School staff strike against privatisation

Helen Pattison, East London Socialist Party

Outside Avenue Primary School parents and the community stood with striking school staff against becoming an academy on 29 November.

The group filled the pavement and at its peak around 80 people were outside the school.

A group of students whose classes were closed came to the picket line with their parents and led us all in chanting: "Shame on the head teacher", "shame on the deputies" and "shame on the governors".

The local members of the National Education Union have done an amazing job. They have recruited new members during the campaign against academies.

But most importantly they have discussed with parents that academy status won't improve the school.

One parent reported that she was told by a member of management it will make the school like Eton if they turn it into an academy.

But the staff and anti-academies campaign is clear, there is no extra money on offer but pay of head teachers and management would likely rise.

We will continue to back the campaign as we fight academies in Newham.