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6 December 2017

Coventry Socialist sales hit 1,000

On 1 December our weekly Socialist newspaper sale in Coventry managed to pass 1,000 sales since we started in May 2016.

Since then, as well as bringing in money for the paper, we've met a whole host of new people keen to hear more about us, and have even recruited a new member who we met on the sale! We have also built up plenty of regulars, who know what time and place we'll be selling the Socialist and always make a beeline to us to buy the paper.

It hasn't taken a massive amount of effort - we do the sale for just one hour a week on a Friday after work, and always go for a quick drink in a cafe afterwards - and we've had great results from it.

This could be replicated across other branches and regions.

James Clement, Coventry West Socialist Party