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31 July 2019

Boris Johnson 'coronation' - demos say: boot him out!

In the aftermath of Boris Johnson's 'election' there were two lively and angry protests in central London.

Neither was huge and each attracted people of varying political persuasions, but nonetheless opposed to the right-wing policies of Boris and the Tories.

Labour left Owen Jones spoke at one and Jeremy Corbyn at the other. It's clear that it will be a battle to force the Tories out of power - a fight that won't be won if Corbyn capitulates to the Blairite right wing in the Labour Party on a workers' Brexit and ending austerity.

The Socialist Party attended both demos, selling over 80 copies of the Socialist to people who wanted to discuss more about how we fight for a general election and the need for an incoming Corbyn-led government to adopt thoroughgoing socialist policies.

Helen Pattison, East London Socialist Party