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4 September 2019

NSSN lobby of TUC

Name the day for a mass demo to get rid of Tories and elect a Corbyn government

Rob Williams, chair, National Shop Stewards Network (personal capacity)

No hyperbole needed this year - the Trade Union Congress (TUC) conference really is taking place at a critical time.

But the labour and trade union movement must put its stamp on these crucial events and expose the pro-boss agenda of Boris Johnson. Workers who voted to leave the EU did so precisely because they wanted to send a message of protest against decades of governments carrying out the bosses' austerity and privatisation.

For the tenth year, the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) is holding a rally at the TUC Congress. We are calling on the TUC and the unions to name the date for a union-led mass demonstration to bring this government down, end austerity and elect a Corbyn-led government.

We want to see the election of a Corbyn government on a pro-worker, anti-austerity manifesto; a manifesto that builds on the programme he stood on two years ago of renationalisation, a 10 an hour minimum wage and abolition of tuition fees.

Workers know that you can't have unity with those like Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson and Remainer Tories who dished out brutal cuts in the Con-Dem coalition.

Together they gave us a lost decade of living standards. It's the union movement that must stand and fight together against Boris and all the Tories, on both sides of the Brexit debate. In or out, they will act in the interests of big business.

Come to the NSSN TUC Rally - march together and if necessary strike together to get rid of all the Tories.