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17 December 2007

Tommy Sheridan perjury charge

Solidarity tonight declared its 100% support for our convenor Tommy Sheridan who has been charged with perjury by Lothian and Borders Police.

We have consistently stated that Tommy Sheridan has been the victim of a colossal vendetta by the Rupert Murdoch media empire. A vendetta that is rooted in Tommy Sheridan's role as a leader of the anti-poll tax movement that destroyed the career of Margaret Thatcher. As well as his uncompromising stand against poverty, injustice and as a fighter for ordinary people against the billionaires that Murdoch and his press defends. This vendetta has increased in intensity and desperation following the defamation victory that Tommy Sheridan scored against Murdoch's paper the News of the World in 2006. The now possibility of a perjury trial is a continuation of this witch-hunt by the Murdoch empire.

Solidarity has and will continue to condemn the unprecedented and scandalous squandering of public money - running to hundreds of thousands of pounds - in pursuit of this police enquiry over the outcome of a civil defamation case. This enquiry has now culminated in nine police officers descending on Tommy and Gail Sheridan's home where Gail and their daughter were subject to an unacceptable eight hour ordeal.

Solidarity will continue to defend Tommy Sheridan and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all those fighting injustice, inequality and for the rights of ordinary working people. All those who want to see a new world free from poverty, war, discrimination and exploitation should support Tommy Sheridan.

Murdoch's Vendetta - Who is pulling the strings?