Celebrate workers' struggle and help fund the working-class press this International Workers' Day by placing a May Day greeting in the Socialist

Globally, the capitalist establishment has been rocked by mass popular uprisings. In Britain, the need for organised workers' action against the Tories couldn't be clearer.

Which paper details a fighting industrial strategy to beat the anti-union laws? Who explains how councils can set budgets that defy the Tory cuts? Where can you read about the practical programme needed to reconstitute a mass party for working-class political representation?

The Socialist. We report and discuss strategy for the strikes and struggles the bosses' press smears or ignores.

Help us build the working-class movement and the fight for socialism. Place a May Day greeting using the form on this page, to be published in the Socialist for May Day 2022.

Price guide

£800 for a two-page spread (£640 if paid in full by 31 March 2022)

£500 for a full page (£400 by 31 March 2022)

£300 half-page (£240 by 31 March 2022)

£170 quarter-page (£136 by 31 March 2022)

£90 one-eighth (£72 by 31 March 2022)

£55 one-sixteenth - text only (£44 by 31 March 2022)

£30 1/32 - name only (£24 by 31 March 2022)

20% discount if you pay in full by 5pm on 31 March 2022 (discounted prices in brackets). Final deadline: 5pm on 14 April 2022.

Prices can be negotiated - any group of workers or young people which wants send some funds and place a greeting is welcome.

Questions? Please email Scott Jones: [email protected]

Technical information

The Socialist editorial team offers a free design service to every group which takes out a greeting. Just send us the text you want included, and we'll do the rest.

For groups which prefer to send their own artwork, our technical specifications are below.

Sizes (mm): two-page spread 542x314; whole page 259x313; half page 256x156; quarter page 128x153; one eighth 124x76; 1/16 and 1/32 are text only. Resolution: 300ppi. Colour space: CMYK. Preferred file format: png or pdf (please only send jpegs if the file is too large as a png or pdf). Send artwork to: , Send artwork to: [email protected] and [email protected], subject line 'May Day artwork for [your organisation's name]'.

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