The Socialist

The Socialist 19 October 2011

Fighting for our future

The Socialist issue 690

15 October: day of intercontinental resistance

Scandal reveals corrupt influence of big business on government

The Hardest Hit protests

Rocketing rents leave tenants facing eviction

Fast news

Come to Socialism 2011

Mass movement needed to save our NHS

Support Remploy workers

Construction electricians march on Blackfriars

Workplace news in brief

We are the 99% - Fighting for our future

Anti-union, low paying, bullying bosses

Birmingham youth service ravaged by cuts

Not guilty: Jury rejects the politically motivated charge of 'conspiracy'

Dale Farm - occupiers defiant

More London trade unionists support call for anti-cuts candidates

Greek workers strike back

Reclaim the Game!

Hunger marches - When the unemployed fought back


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