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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

What We Stand For


What the Socialist Party stands for

The Covid pandemic has accelerated the crisis of capitalism and disrupted every aspect of society. In its wake the need for socialism is clearer than ever. This Socialist Party manifesto sums up our main demands on the different issues that face the working class. It outlines what is necessary to begin the process of achieving a socialist society, in Britain and internationally, able to meet the needs of humanity and to protect the planet.

What We Stand For – Part two: System in crisis

Capitalism is an ailing, crisis-ridden system based on the exploitation of the majority of the world’s population. If the accumulation of vast wealth by a handful of people was a measure of a successful way of running society, capitalism would be judged in fantastic health. Despite the ‘Great Recession’ of 2007-09 and the new Covid-induced economic upheaval, the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many has intensified.

What We Stand For – Part Three: Is socialism possible?

As yet the growing anger at the existing capitalist order is not matched by clear ideas on the way forward; or of a viable way of transforming society. As a result the programme of the Socialist Party may currently appear unrealisable to some, even to the majority. In reality, however, it offers the only realistic way forward. Capitalism cannot be transformed into a fair and just system, capable of preventing environmental devastation.

What We Stand For – Part Four: The need for a political voice for the working class

Vital as the trade unions are, capitalism cannot be overthrown by trade union struggle alone. Even an all-out general strike – while it can bring the country to a halt – can only pose the question of who governs society. It cannot on its own take power from the capitalist class. To achieve that, the working class also needs its own party – a political leadership – capable of leading a struggle for socialism. The Socialist Party aims to build at least the first steps to such a party, which will be filled out as struggles develop.

What we Stand For – Part five: A socialist programme for victory

Inevitably new broad workers’ parties are not likely – certainly initially – to be united around a rounded-out approach to how to achieve socialism. The Socialist Party has a clear programme for the ending of capitalism and the socialist transformation of society.

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