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Thursday, June 20, 2024


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Big business funds the pro-capitalist parties, but unsurprisingly, not socialists who put forward a workers’ voice to challenge them. There is no party in Westminster defending the interests of working-class people.

The Socialist Party stands firm for socialist ideas – standing up against exploitative bosses, the Tories, and the Labour Blairites, and charting a way forward to build the maximum unity of the working class in struggle for socialist change.

To do this, the party needs to raise the necessary finance - to fund leaflets, posters, petitions, banners, placards, meeting room hire, etc, to get our socialist message out as widely as possible. We aim to meet a £25,000 target for our Fighting Fund every three months.

Every pound given counts. We appeal to all our website readers to make a donation, whether large or small, to help towards the building of a socialist alternative.

Members resources

Members’ Resources

Use this page to pay in Fighting Fund, paper sales, to search for leaflets and notify us of new members. 

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