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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Events and meetings


TUC rally – for a new deal for working people

Saturday 18th June 2022, 12.00 – 15.00

A march ending with a rally in Parliament Square, London

National Shop Stewards Network 2022 conference

Saturday 2nd July 2022, 11am – 4.30pm

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Socialism 2022

A socialist forum of discussion and debate, hosted by the Socialist Party

19th & 20th November 2022


For more info contact:

  • Socialist Party, PO Box 1398, Enfield EN1 9GT
  • Text: 07761 818206 with your name and postcode
  • Phone: 020 8988 8777; Email: [email protected]


Socialist Party branches

The Socialist Party has regular branch and public meetings in towns and cities across the country. See the list of areas below.

If you would like to participate, please use the contact details given in the list to send a message saying you’re interested.

Many of our meetings can at present be attended online as an alternative to ‘in person’.

If your area isn’t listed then still get in touch with us. There may be Socialist Party members nearby or you can be the start of a new group. Also you can be included on an e-list, to be informed about future events.


Regional secretary: Dave, tel 0796 202 1969, email [email protected]

Basildon: Tuesdays, 8pm. For info contact Dave on 0798 202 1969

Cambridge: For info contact Dave on 0798 202 1969

Huntingdon: For info contact Dave as above

Ipswich: For info contact [email protected] 0795 684 7479

Peterborough: For info contact: [email protected] 0775 656 3329

Stevenage: Mondays, 8pm. For info contact Mark on 07704 995 140

Watford: For info contact Derek on 01923 239 126


Regional secretary: Helen, tel 020 8988 8786, email [email protected]

Camden & Haringey: Wednesdays, 7.30pm in Archway.

Camden & Haringey Socialist Party: The local elections, a socialist approach and analysis. Wednesday 11th May 2022, 7:30pm, email [email protected] for venue and zoom details.

East London: Thursdays, 7:30pm, in Stratford

East London Socialist Party open meeting: After the elections what next? Organise a fightback against the cost of living crisis! Thursday 12th May 2022, 7pm at 107-109 The Grove, Stratford, E15 1HP.

Enfield: Wednesdays, 7.30pm, in Ponders End

Hackney & Islington: Wednesdays, 7.30pm, in Stoke Newington, London N16. For info contact Brian on 07428 778 286

Hackney and Islington Socialist Party: A report from Socialist Party congress; Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 7.30pm. Contact Brian on above number for details.

Hillingdon: Fortnightly on Wednesdays, 7:30pm. Contact Steve on 07804 280 034

South East London: Wednesdays at 7.30pm, in New Cross. For more info contact Andy on 07813 621 383

South East London Socialist Party pre-election rally: Tuesday 3rd May, 7.30pm, All Saints Hatcham community centre, 105 New Cross Road, London SE14 5DJ. For more info contact Berkay on 0778 044 9141

South West London: Thursdays, 7.30pm, in Clapham, London SW4. Contact Berkay on 07780 449 141

Lambeth and South West London: Post election meeting; Thursday 19th May 2022 at 7:30pm. Contact Berkay on above number for details.

Waltham Forest: Thursdays, 7pm, in London E17. For info: 0795 803 2071

A Waltham Forest Socialist Party meeting: Academy schools and the fight for education. Thursday 19th May 2022, 7pm. Call/text 0795 803 2071 for venue info.

West London: Thursdays, 7.30pm, in Acton, London W3. Contact Helen on 020 8988 8786 for details.

West London Socialist Party: The climate crisis. Thursday 28th April 2022, 7:30pm. For venue or zoom details email [email protected] or call Helen on above number.

Midlands East

Regional secretary: Steve, tel 0773 797 8057, email [email protected]

Chesterfield: Tuesdays, 7.30pm. Contact 07487 578 804 or [email protected]

Derby: Tuesdays, 7.30pm

Leicester: Tuesdays, 7pm. For more info contact Heather on 0771 535 7609, email: [email protected]

Lincoln: Contact the regional secretary for details

Mansfield: Wednesdays, 7.30 pm. Contact 0777 920 5101

Northampton: Thursdays, 7.30pm. Contact Katie on 0788 527 6960

Nottingham: Mondays, 7.30pm.

Midlands West

Regional secretary: Dave, tel 02476 555 620, email [email protected]

Birmingham North: Thursdays, 7.00pm. For info email [email protected] or call/text Kris on 07554 911751

Birmingham north Socialist Party: Cryptocurrency – Capitalism’s saviour or another bubble? 7pm, Thursday 12th May 2022. Contact Kris on above number for venue details.

Birmingham South and Central: Weekly meetings. For info email [email protected] or call/text Nick on 0797 449 3525

Birmingham central and south Socialist Party: Will the Labour Party always exist? Monday 9th May 2022 at 7pm. Contact Nick on above number for venue details.

Coventry: Tuesdays, 7.30pm, for info email [email protected]

Coventry TUSC election public meeting: Why we need socialist councillors. Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 7pm at Central Hall, Warwick Lane, Coventry, CV1 2HA. Details at:

Nuneaton and Bedworth: Mondays, 7pm. Contact Aidan on 0757 079 4449

Stoke: Thursdays, 7:30pm. For more info call 0784 589 3607

Shropshire: Contact the regional secretary (details above) for info

Stafford & District: Tuesdays, 7.30pm in Stafford. For more details contact Craig on 07412 212 898

Wolverhampton & Black Country: Tuesdays, 7pm, in Wolverhampton city centre. Email [email protected] or call/text Nick on 07974493525

Black Country TUSC public meeting: Why we need socialist councillors; Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 7pm at Bilston People’s Centre, Wolverhampton Street, Wolverhampton, WV14 0LT. Details at:

Worcester: Mondays, 7pm. For details contact: 0780 572 0131

North West

Regional secretary: Roger, tel 07954 376 096

Lancashire: Fortnightly on a Thursday, 7pm, Preston city centre, contact Martin on 07946 445 488 for details.

Merseyside: Tuesdays, 7.30pm, in Liverpool L1. Contact Roger on 07954 376 096 for more info.

Manchester & Salford: Fortnightly on a Thursday at 7.30pm, in Salford M3. Call/text 07813 519 591 for info.

West Cheshire: First Tuesday of the month, 2pm – 3:30pm in Chester CH1. Call/text Kenny on 07747 631 325 for more info.


Regional secretary: Elaine, tel 0784 114 4890, email [email protected]

Carlisle: Mondays, 7pm

Open meeting: An analysis of the local election results nationally and what political trends they indicate; Monday 9th May 2022, 7pm, upstairs in the South End Club, St Nicholas Street, Carlisle CA1 2EF

Newcastle: Thursdays, 7.30pm, contact the regional secretary for details

South Tyne & Wear: Contact the regional secretary for info

Teesside: For more info email: [email protected]

South West

Regional secretary: Tom, email [email protected], Phone no 07986 951 527

Bristol North: Tuesdays, 7.15pm, in St Pauls, Bristol. Contact Amy on 07775 983 982, [email protected] 

Bristol South: Thursdays, 7.30pm, in Bedminster, Bristol BS3. For info email: [email protected], tel 07847 678 518

Cornwall: Alternate Mondays, 7.30pm, on Zoom. Contact Ryan on 07519 690 679, [email protected]

Dorset: Contact Liz at [email protected]

Devon: Thursdays, 7.30pm. Contact Ryan on 07708 177 349, [email protected]

Gloucester: Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Contact: Sue on 07947 632437, powellmebrouk@amnon

Plymouth: Thursdays, 7pm, in Plymouth PL1. Contact Ryan on 07519 690 679, [email protected]

Somerset: Thursdays, 7.30pm. Contact Dave on 07738 931 933, [email protected]

Salisbury: Contact Alasdair on 07964 108 242, [email protected]

Swindon: Contact Scott on 07429 828 064, [email protected]


Regional secretary: Nick, tel 07833 681 910, email [email protected]

Hampshire and IOW:

Basingstoke: Wednesdays, 7.30pm. For details contact Kahlo on 07704 591 635 or [email protected]

Portsmouth & IOW: Mondays, 7.30pm, for info

email [email protected] or call 07584 356 087

Southampton West: Thursdays, 7.30pm. For info contact Maggie on 07773 343539

Southampton East: Thursdays, 7.30pm. For info contact Sue on 07763 931563

Southampton Socialist Party, 7.30pm on Thursday 19th May 2022: A report back from Socialist Party congress.

Sussex and Kent:

Brighton: Tuesdays, 7pm. Contact Joe on 07492 090786

Kent: Wednesdays 7.30pm. Contact Eric on 07463 860466

West Sussex: Tuesdays, 2pm. Contact Sarah on 07765 827610

Thames Valley:

Aylesbury: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, 7:30pm, contact Steve on 07789 915221 for details.

Bracknell: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month. Contact Neil on 07792 349 246 for details

Oxford: First Tuesday of every month, 7:30pm, in Oxford OX1. For info contact James on 07977 422 361

Oxford TUSC election public meeting: Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 6-30pm at West Oxford Community Centre, 23 Botley Road, Oxford OX2 0BT. Details at:

Reading: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month, 7.30pm, in Reading RG1. For info contact John on 07853 981 945

Staines & Surrey: Contact Paul on 07834 468135


Socialist Party Wales secretary: Ross, tel 07772 215 281, email [email protected]

Caerphilly and RCT: Tuesdays, 7.00pm. Contact 0777 252 0192 or [email protected] for info.

Caerphilly and RCT Socialist Party: Building the socialist alternative – reports from the Socialist Party congress. Tuesday 17th May 2022, 7pm. Call Mariam on 0777 252 0192 for details.

Caerphilly and RCT Socialist Party: Is NATO “a force for peace”? Tuesday 24th May 2022, 7pm

Caerphilly and RCT Socialist Party: Trades unionism or “partnership” – reports from Wales TUC congress, Tuesday 31st May 2022, 7pm

Caerphilly and RCT Socialist Party: Platinum-plated privilege – what is the role of the monarchy? Tuesday 7th June, 7pm

Cardiff East: Thursdays, 7.30pm. Contact Joe on 0758 124 0001 or [email protected]

Cardiff East Socialist Party: Organising for struggle – annual general meeting. Thursday 19th May, 7.30pm

Cardiff East Socialist Party: The rising tide of workers’ struggle in the USA. Thursday 26th May, 7.30pm

Cardiff East Socialist Party: Abolish the monarchy! Thursday 2nd June, 7.30pm

Cardiff West: Tuesdays, 7:30pm. Contact Lucy on 0784 317 6852 or at [email protected]

Cardiff election public meeting: Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 7.30pm, at Cathays Community Centre, Cathays, Cardiff

Swansea: Thursdays, 7:30pm. Contact Linda on 0788 590 5971 or via [email protected]


Regional secretary: Iain, tel 0780 983 9793, email [email protected]

Bradford, Halifax & Huddersfield: Thursdays, 7.30pm. Contact Iain on 0780 983 9793 for details.

Bradford TUSC: Meet your TUSC candidate, Tom Gibson; Thursday 28th April 2022, from 7pm to 8-30pm, an online event, details at:

Grimsby: Mondays, 7pm. Contact Dave Mitchell on 0781 137 7875

Hull: Mondays, 7.30pm. Contact info Matt Whale 0793 091 6869

Leeds: Mondays, 7pm. Contact Michael Johnson on 0771 751 0136

Leeds Socialist Party: ‘State and Revolution’, Monday 16th May 2022, 7pm. Contact Michael on above number for venue details.

Leeds Socialist Party: The French elections, Monday 23rd May 2022, 7pm. Contact Michael on above number for venue details.

Leeds Socialist Party: A report back from Socialist Party national congress, Monday 30th May 2022, 7pm. Contact Michael on above number for venue details.

Sheffield: Thursdays, 7.30pm. For info contact Mick on 07380 139 142.

Sheffield TUSC election public meeting: Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 7pm at the Showroom, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX. Details at:

South Yorkshire: Wednesdays in Rotherham S60. Contact Angie on 07885 206 525 for info.

Wakefield & Pontefract: Thursdays, 7.30pm, in Wakefield, WF1

Wakefield TUSC election public meeting, Thursday 28 April 2022, 7-30pm, at the Black Rock, 19 Cross Square, Wakefield. Details at:

York: Mondays, 7pm. For info contact Maurice on 0754 287 8911

For Scotland, go to: Socialist Party Scotland

For Ireland North and Republic go to: Militant Left

For other countries, go to: Committee for a Workers International

Annual Socialism event

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