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Friday, June 21, 2024

Meet the socialists standing for TUSC on 4 July!

The Trade Unionist and Socialist coalition is made up of trade unionists, anti-war protesters, community campaigners and socialists

Universities in crisis: Students fight for free fully funded education!

At the last two general elections there was a buzz of enthusiasm. The Labour Party, led by Corbyn, promised free university education.

The Socialist Party is part of the CWI Click for CWI website

Capitalism means war and climate catastrophe

Fight back with the socialists. Vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition on July 4 and join the Socialist Party today

Young socialists: Fighting for a future free from oppression

Racism, sexism, LGBTQ+phobia - capitalism is a system that rules by divide and conquer. The bosses try to divide working-class people

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