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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

grocery store veggies Photo: public domain

Food prices soar while supermarket bosses rake it in

Over a decade of restrained wages and relentless Tory austerity has left millions in food insecurity

Tories wreck Derbyshire care services

Tory Derbyshire County Council is pushing ahead with its plans to close seven care homes, it is also seeking to close eight day centres

As bills outstrip wages… Fight for £15 an hour minimum wage

By the time the new minimum wage came into effect in April, it had already been outstripped by rising costs.

Unison conference – Right wing exploit left NEC mistakes to win votes

Unison reps and activists met together in the union’s National Delegate Conference in Brighton on 14-17 June

Union action needed to close 38% gender pension gap

If you thought the gender pay gap was bad, there is an even bigger gender pension gap which has huge consequences for women

TV review: Sex, Mind and the Menopause

I had high hopes then that the follow up ‘Sex, Mind and the Menopause’ would be worth watching and would push the boundaries on women’s health

Can’t trust bosses to end sweatshop conditions in Leicester

Many, mainly Asian, families attended an event organised by Fashion Workers Advice Bureau, a new workers’ rights organisation.

Tories instruct teachers to wipe Britain’s real history

The Department for Education is issuing guidelines about impartiality in the classroom

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Film review: Rebellion

Rebellion is the first feature-length documentary to go behind the scenes of climate campaign Extinction Rebellion (XR)

Pride is political

Socialist Party members ran a stall at Oxford Pride event. Despite the claims of some that Pride isn’t political, we ran out of leaflets in 10 minutes!

TV review: Dispatches – the truth about Nike and Adidas

Garment workers are underpaid, overworked and mistreated and bosses at the top reap the benefits.

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