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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Southampton leisure centre saved

News that Southampton Labour council intends to re-open St Mary’s Leisure Centre is a victory for all those who have campaigned to protect this popular, well-used council leisure facility

Youth priced out while bosses profit

Young workers make up the majority in some of the most precarious sectors, like retail, accommodation, and food services

PCS conference: Prepare to fight on jobs and pay

A week before PCS conference began, the Tory government made the incredible announcement that it wants to cut over 90,000 jobs from the civil service.

TV review: Sex, Mind and the Menopause

I had high hopes then that the follow up ‘Sex, Mind and the Menopause’ would be worth watching and would push the boundaries on women’s health

US: Build a movement to defend and expand abortion rights

A draft opinion suggested that millions of women in the United States could lose access to abortion.

Tories instruct teachers to wipe Britain’s real history

The Department for Education is issuing guidelines about impartiality in the classroom

TV: ‘Death of Two Black Men: Police in the Spotlight’

The documentary shines a light on the horrific deaths of Mohamud Hassan and Mouayed Bashir.

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Kirkby neglected for decades – now it’s fighting back against incinerator

75 Kirkby residents marched to protest plans to build an industrial incinerator just across the border from Knowsley in Lancashire.

Cardiff protest against conversion therapy

150 protested outside government and BBC offices in Cardiff calling for a ban on conversion

Take the bereavement industry out of the hands of the profiteers

I would say this industry needs local authorities to take branches of funeral directors, crematoriums and cemeteries in-house, so that an affordable, cost-effective service can be made possible for many more people

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