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Saturday, May 28, 2022

RMT protest. Photo: Judy Beishon

Tories threat to restrict the right to strike

The Tories are discussing bringing forward new attacks on the working class, in the form of a tightening of the anti-union laws

Central West – ‘rent and service charge should be cut, instead they’re rising’

West London residents are angry at rising service charges and rents, poor management, and the level of disrepair they have let the building fall into.

Stop savage cuts at Wolverhampton, Roehampton and De Montfort universities

University managements at Wolverhampton, Roehampton and De Montfort have unleashed savage cuts to their education programmes and staff

Postal worker union rep reports to the Socialist

Mass gate meetings are taking place as postal workers in the CWU prepare for strike action on pay.

Union action needed to close 38% gender pension gap

If you thought the gender pay gap was bad, there is an even bigger gender pension gap which has huge consequences for women

TV review: Sex, Mind and the Menopause

I had high hopes then that the follow up ‘Sex, Mind and the Menopause’ would be worth watching and would push the boundaries on women’s health

Tories instruct teachers to wipe Britain’s real history

The Department for Education is issuing guidelines about impartiality in the classroom

TV: ‘Death of Two Black Men: Police in the Spotlight’

The documentary shines a light on the horrific deaths of Mohamud Hassan and Mouayed Bashir.

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TV review – Meltdown: Three Mile Island

The release of radioactive material from Three Mile Island into the environment and the risk of a full meltdown could have rendered a large area of the state uninhabitable.

Cardiff protest against conversion therapy

150 protested outside government and BBC offices in Cardiff calling for a ban on conversion

What it’s really like working in libraries

27 million books, 9,000 workers and 800 libraries cut by Tories

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