Miners strike - Your Class Needs You - Alan Hardman cartoon
Miners strike - Your Class Needs You - Alan Hardman cartoon

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We have been delighted with the way people have reacted to Alan’s cartoons and the many warm and heartfelt responses to Alan’s sad passing in January. His family are even more committed to honouring his political and artistic legacy by completing what he started and publishing a book of his cartoons.

As there are no millionaire backers for this type of socialist project it will only be achieved through solidarity from people who shared his passion and appreciated his socialist cartoons.

Therefore, we have a big favour to ask.

Please could you give one more positive response by ordering your copy of Alan’s book Need Not Greed today via Kickstarter, the online fundraising platform.

Your order will take us a step closer to a successful Kickstarter campaign, which is essential for the book to be printed next month. Alan’s family are donating all the proceeds to the Labour and Trade Union movement. Please take a moment to place your order before the Kickstarter campaign closes at midnight Monday 8 April.

Thank you for your support and solidarity.

Jon Ingham

Visit the Kickstarter here.

Alan Hardman was the first printer of Militant (the Socialist’s predecessor), and produced hundreds of political cartoons for publication in our party publications. Sadly, Alan passed away in January. (see ‘Obituary: Alan Hardman 1936-2024 Militant cartoonist and printer’)