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From: The Socialist issue 590, 12 August 2009: Jobs & services - not bankersí bonuses!

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Torturous explanation

DESPITE MOUNTING evidence that Britain's spy agencies colluded with foreign governments in the torture of terrorist suspects, the Labour government and MI5 continue to deny any involvement.

Scotland Yard is investigating an MI5 officer over the questioning of the UK resident Binyam Mohamed while he was secretly being held in Pakistan, and who claims to have been tortured in Afghanistan and Morocco, before being flown to the US concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Recently, two UK high court judges revealed that MI5 knew more about the circumstances surrounding Mohamed than it had originally admitted.

Foreign secretary David Miliband, while continuing to espouse the government's commitment to upholding human rights, is refusing to allow a summary of CIA intelligence about the case to be disclosed.

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