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From: The Socialist issue 521, 20 February 2008: No wage cuts! Fund equal pay

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CWI school in Latin America

OVER 80 members of the Committee for a Workers' International* - representing sections in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela and visitors from Europe and the USA - recently met in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for an education school.

The main discussions were on world perspectives and general perspectives for Latin America. There were also commissions on the trade unions, youth and women and discussions on building the sections of the CWI.

Introducing the session on Latin America, Andre Ferrari from Brazil remarked on the three different processes developing simultaneously in the continent.

The first is typified in the countries of the "Andean Volcano" which have adopted more radical national policies against imperialism, eg Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. A second category of countries is categorised by centre-left governments who have been able to use recent economic growth to establish a degree of political stability, eg Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. And a third group of countries have openly neo-liberal governments aligned to imperialism, eg Colombia, Mexico or Peru.

Luciano from Rio de Janeiro, reflecting the enthusiasm and confidence at the school, stressed that Latin America is at the forefront of the workers' struggles in the world today.

More than in any other region, the building of mass socialist and revolutionary movements is on the order of the day.

(* CWI - The socialist international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated) A full report of the school can be read on

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