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From: The Socialist issue 896, 6 April 2016: Nationalise steel

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International news in brief

Sozialistische Alternative's 'Socialism Days' in Germany, 2016, photo by Sozialistische Alternative (CWI Germany)

Sozialistische Alternative's 'Socialism Days' in Germany, 2016, photo by Sozialistische Alternative (CWI Germany)   (Click to enlarge)

420 attend 'Socialism Days' in Germany

Against a background of growing polarisation and unease in Germany 420 people from eleven countries were in Berlin for Sozialistische Alternative's (SAV - sister section of the Socialist Party in Germany) 'congress against war, racism and capitalism'. New young members in particular put their stamp on the three rallies, 30 workshops and more. A special collection raised 2,000 for Xekinima (CWI Greece) and Socyalist Alternatif (CWI Turkey). 100 year-old Theodor Bergmann, who has been fighting against fascism, Stalinism and capitalism for almost 90 years, received a standing ovation. Frankfurt taxi driver Alexander said, "Wow! Full of energy and ideas."

Belgium: Anti-racists arrested while far right demonstrates

Eleven members of Linkse Socialistische Partij/Parti Socialiste de Lutte (CWI in Belgium) were arrested on 2 April. The previous weekend 400 hooligans led by far-right fascists were escorted by police to disrupt mourners of the Brussells terrorist attacks. This time hundreds of anti-racists turned out to guarantee the far right were opposed, but the police arrested dozens of anti-fascists, including members of LSP/PSL. See 'Scandal in Brussels' at

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