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9 June 2017

Peter Taaffe post general election 2017

spotTeresa May and Tories must go! - Peter Taaffe on the general election result

22 May 2017

Peter Taaffe: From MIlitant to the Socialist Party

Peter Taaffe: From Militant to the Socialist Party - new book

14 May 2017

Dave Nellist on BBC

Dave Nellist on Sunday Politics: the general election and Corbyn's leaked Manifesto

10 May 2017

Tories Out video splash

Tories out! Socialist Party broadcast featuring Hannah Sell and Dave Nellist

25 April 2017

Jobstown Not Guilty: defend the right to protest

Jobstown Not Guilty: Defend the right to protest

6 April 2017

Socialism 2017 splash

We need change Come to Socialism 2017

30 March 2017

Jobstown Not Guilty: defend the right to protest

spotJobstown Not Guilty London protest

9 March 2017

#OurNHS demo 4 March 2017

spot#OurNHS - massive demo shows battle to save NHS can be won

11 February 2017

Socialist Students conference 11 February 2017

spotSocialist Students conference 2017

28 February 2017

Picturehouse strikers demonstrate

spotPicturehouse strikers demonstrate

1 February 2017

Hannah Sell

spotTUSC conference: Hannah Sell moves the Socialist Party motion on standing in elections

15 November 2016

Socialism 2016 rally

spotSocialism 2016: electrifying and powerful weekend puts socialism on the agenda

9 December 2016

Sunday Rally of Socialism 2016

Sunday Rally at Socialism 2016

12 November 2016

Socialism 2016 Saturday Rally

spotSocialism 2016 Saturday Rally

16 November 2016

Peter Taaffe debates Michael Crick at Socialism 2016

spotSocialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe debates with Channel Four's political correspondant Michael Crick at Socialism 2016

13 November 2016

Video shown at the Socialism 2016 rally

Video shown at the Socialism 2016 Saturday Rally

2 November 2016

Butterfields housing victory

spotButterfields housing victory: "We showed that if you stick together and fight you can win"

1 October 2016

Hannah Sell, London joint Socialist Party and Socialist Student meeting 29-9-16

Corbyn Wins! But Labour's civil war continues

14 September 2016

NSSN rally and lobby of the TUC

NSSN rally and lobby of TUC

30 August 2016

Peter Taaffe speaking at London Socialist Party meeting July 2016

spotJeremy Corbyn, the Militant and the battle for a socialist programme for Labour: Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party

12 August 2016

Corbyn, Militant and Britain's political revolution - Hannah Sell

spotCorbyn, Militant and Britain's political revolution - Hannah Sell replies to the attacks on the Socialist Party

11 August 2016

Peter Taaffe on World at One

Trotskyism in the Labour Party? The Socialist Party's Peter Taaffe on BBC Radio Four's World At One

14 July 2016

Peter Taaffe speaking at London Socialist Party meeting July 2016, photo Socialist Party

#KeepCorbyn : Organise the resistance against the Blairites and the Tories

9 July 2016

NSSN conference video

spotNational Shop Stwards Network conference, 2 July 2016: "United and implacable in opposition to austerity"

9 July 2016

NSSN conference video shown at conference

spotVideo shown at the 10th conference of the National Shop Stwards Network conference

29 June 2016

Peter Taaffe speaking on the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn

Defend Jeremy Corbyn - Defend the anti-austerity struggle! Socialist Party's Peter Taaffe

25 June 2016

How do socialists respond after the EU referendum?

How do socialists respond after the EU referendum? The Socialist Party's Hannah Sell explains

3 June 2016

TUSC London EU meeting

spotLondon TUSC: The socialist case against the EU - Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party and Mick Cash, RMT

26 May 2016

Steel workers marched to Parliament. Steel workers and trade union leaders speak.

Steel workers marched to Parliament: Socialist Party calls for 100% nationalisation: trade union leaders speak

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triangle25 Jun East Midlands Socialist Party: Rebellion - Then and Now

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triangle3 Jul West Cheshire Socialist Party: Prepare for the next steps towards JC4PM

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