BT strike. Photo: Elaine Brunskill
BT strike. Photo: Elaine Brunskill


Picket supervisor Martin Brewer said: “We’re out here because while our CEO is paying himself £3.5 million a year, we’ve got workers using food banks. They use Swiss banks, we use food banks. The mood among the members is solidly behind strike action”.

Ryan Aldred

Enfield, north London

“If you don’t give people enough to eat, there will be riots and revolution. And that’s what’s going to happen”. A striking BT worker made this prediction at the 30 August picket line.

On their first strike day in July, out of 6,000 workers in London, only 73 went in.

One of the pickets from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) had heard about a class of apprentices that wanted to join the strike. Their instructor told them that it was their right, and the whole class was pictured on one of the ‘pay rise’ picket lines.

Ian Pattison

BT Tower

Looking forward to striking together with Royal Mail workers on 31 August, one said: “This is a positive step and shows how we can win both our disputes”.

Rob Williams

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