Dates      Event
29-Apr-95Clause IV of the Labour Party Constitution abolished at Special Labour Party Conference following proposals from Tony Blair
Sept 1995 -Feb 1998Liverpool dockworkers’ strike
Feb-97Socialist Party and the Socialist launched
01-May-97Labour wins landslide victory in general election and Blair becomes Prime Minister
06-Jun-97General election in the Irish Republic results in Joe Higgins’ election as a TD (MP)
31-Aug-97Death of ‘Princess’ Diana Windsor leads to crisis in monarchy
11-Sep-97Referendum in Scotland votes in favour of establishing a Scottish Parliament
18-Sep-97Wales Referendum votes in favour of establishing a Welsh Assembly
1997-98Economic crisis develops in East and South-East Asia due to growth of credit bubbles. Crisis spreads to Brazil and Russia
10-Apr-98Good Friday Agreement signed in Northern Ireland to establish power sharing
1999-2001Series of anti-capitalist demonstrations rocks governments worldwide, beginning in Seattle and ending with Genoa
2000-02Bursting of the ‘dotcom bubble’ in the US, leading to collapse of a string of companies including Enron and WorldCom
01-Apr-00Demonstration of 100,000 Rover workers and supporters against BMW’s closure threats and redundancies in Birmingham leads to takeover of firm by Phoenix Consortium, which itself went bust in 2005
04-May-00Greater London elections see Ken Livingstone become Mayor as an independent
8-16 Sept 2000Fuel dispute shakes Blair government
07-Nov-00US Presidential election eventually results in a narrow victory for George Bush amidst ‘hanging chads’ controversy
07-Jun-01Labour wins second consecutive landslide general election victory
11-Sep-01Al-Qa’ida attacks four targets in US including the ‘Twin Towers’ in New York City
Oct-01US and allied forces invade Afghanistan. A swift initial victory and the overthrow of the Taliban government are followed by a long period of occupation and turmoil
01-Dec-01Socialist Party leaves Socialist Alliance in protest at refusal to adopt a federal structure. Alliance later disintegrates
11-Apr-02Attempted coup by pro-US right-wing forces in Venezuela is defeated by mass movement of workers and poor and spurs leftward move of Chavez regime
15-Feb-03Mass demonstrations in protest against proposed invasion of Iraq in US, Britain and rest of world
20-Mar-03Invasion of Iraq brings a swift military victory but embroilment in a bloody occupation and turmoil in region for many years
May-03Scottish Socialist Party wins 6 seats in Scottish Parliament elections up from 1 in 1999
11-Mar-04Madrid bombings by al-Qa’ida cell raises anger against right-wing government leading to its defeat in general elections
26-Dec-04Tsunami wreaks devastation and death around coasts of South and South-East Asia