Over 200 gathered for Southampton’s first ever transgender pride. We marched through the city centre with flags and banners flying.

Despite online threats from anti-trans activists to cause disruption, the mainly young participants were clapped and cheered by passers-by. Socialist Party leaflets were snapped up, and we ran out of pamphlets.

Many good discussions took place, underlining that trans rights are workers’ rights, and the need to fight together – including getting involved in your trade union, so LGBTQ+ rights are defended at work too. Better access to health services is linked to the struggle for greater resources for the whole NHS, so we don’t become divided by unfair priorities.

Everyone was worried about the cost of living, supported the strikers and wanted rid of the Tories. Many were interested in the Socialist Party, and promised to come to our next meeting on fighting for a socialist green energy policy.

Maggie Fricker, Southampton Socialist Party