Socialism 2022 programme
Socialism 2022 programme

Working class striking back, capitalist crisis and the case for socialism

Rally for Socialism – part of the Socialism 2022 weekend

Saturday 19 November 5.30-7.30pm

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Socialism is an in-person event but a number of the workshops will have zoom access and the rally will be live-streamed.

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‘Why I’m coming to Socialism 2022’

Trade union activists tell us why they will be attending.

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I am campaigning for a ‘yes’ vote in the Unison NHS pay ballot. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve spoken to who are struggling to make ends meet in the NHS, with some working all the overtime they can, taking second jobs, and even using food banks to put food on their tables and a roof over their heads. This has to change!

Only socialism is capable of providing the change everyone needs while offering a sustainable way to save the planet.

I am attending Socialism 2022 to gain further understanding of why and how the capitalist system can be overthrown and replaced with socialism.

As a returner to this amazing event, I cannot over emphasise the sense of comradeship and political understanding I gain from being among so many socialists.

Tom Hunt, NHS worker

I am really looking forward to Socialism 2022. We are currently fighting for the future of the rail industry, and for all of our jobs.

As an active trade unionist and socialist, the Socialism event is the only one I’ve ever been to where you can hear about the ideas of socialism presented in a practical and accessible way.

Ted Woodley, RMT member

Socialism is the event every year that recharges my batteries. Getting together with other socialists, lively discussion and debate on a whole range of issues – there’s something for everyone. But this year is so important: the degradation of politics, the lack of a mass working-class political alternative, but workers moving into concerted action, reclaiming what is rightfully ours.

Our ideas are the key to success. If you are a socialist and want an alternative system, come and discuss, debate and join us at Socialism 2022.

Marion Lloyd, PCS BEIS President (personal capacity)

I’m attending Socialism 2022 because, as a striking railway worker, this annual event always proves to be an invaluable experience. It brings together some of the most militant and fighting elements of the workers’ movement, to debate and discuss the necessary political ideas needed to bring separate industrial disputes into coordinated national action, with working-class voices right at its centre.

Kris O’Sullivan, ASLEF Birmingham 141

I’m attending Socialism to discuss with others the key issues affecting workers today, especially with the rising cost of living. But I will also be bringing my newborn – an early and essential education for a young socialist!

Mary Summers, Trade union organiser

Food and fuel banks, even the last resorts are running out of funds due to the cost-of-living crisis. Capitalism offers no way out, we need a system change. That’s why I am going to Socialism 2022.

Isabel Grant, Unite

This Socialism event brings together working-class people to discuss and learn about socialist ideas. The discussion will cover how we are rising against austerity policies and to change the system all over the world.

Lawanya Chandra, Unite member in service industry