Postal strike solid

Uniting the London weighting battle

Postal strike solid

VERY FEW postal workers crossed the picket lines at my workplace. Most of those that did work had been bullied by management to go in because they were either on short-term contracts or were on Stage Two warnings (under threat of dismissal due to bad attendance.)

A London postal worker

Unless Royal Mail backs down there will be further strikes and these are likely to be co-ordinated with other trade unionists seeking London weighting increases.

In my workplace, as in other mail centres, we have no chance of meeting the productivity conditions to get the extra money beyond the 3%.

This would involve cutting wage costs by 10% and improving performance.

Crozier and Leighton want to smash the CWU to facilitate privatisation. Behind them are Tony Blair and the Labour government. The CWU should break from New Labour and join with other unions and socialists in building a political alternative.