Model resolution

Model resolution for London public-sector trade union branches on the need for united action over London weighting:

This branch notes the rising tide of strikes on the issue of the London weighting allowance – postal workers and council workers, as well as the ongoing actions by teachers, firefighters, college lecturers and college support staff.

Other groups of workers are beginning to agitate over this issue, including civil servants and underground workers.

It is clear that most London public-sector workers now feel that the time has come to fight for an increased cost of living allowance.

Postal workers point out that since 1997 their wages have gone up by 27% but the cost of living, including housing and travel, has increased by 40%.

We completely oppose any government plans to break up national pay bargaining as a means of dividing worker against worker and region against region.

But it has been accepted for many years that the cost of living in the capital has to be taken into account as part of any national pay agreement.

The government and employers in the public sector have consistently reduced the real level of the London allowance until it no longer compensates for the higher cost of living in London.

That is why there is increasing support for a united struggle across the public-sector unions.

Whilst accepting that different unions representing different groups of workers are organising their own campaigns, this branch believes that united action across the public sector will enormously aid the efforts of all those involved.

To this end we call for a delegate conference of public-sector unions in London to organise joint action.

It should hammer out a programme of action to unify the struggles. This should include a one-day, London-wide, public-sector strike and demonstration. This should not cut across any action planned by the individual unions already but should be seen as part of the same strategy.

Whilst recognising that different unions have different claims in for London weighting, as a minimum the London allowance for all workers should not be less than £4,000 per annum.

  • For a one-day, London-wide, public-sector strike
  • For a minimum allowance of £4,000 for all London public-sector workers.
  • Unite the action.
  • Unite the strikes.