Socialist change to end climate change - photo Paul Mattsson
Socialist change to end climate change - photo Paul Mattsson

Socialism could save environment, and so much more

James Brock, Bristol South Socialist Party

I’ve been interested in learning about socialism because of climate change. The capitalist profit system’s drive for unplanned growth and rampant extractivism lie at the heart of it.

I was interested in environmental campaigning. But as important as that is, it is still a one-issue movement. A socialist society could deliver on the environment, along with so much more.

I joined Bristol University Socialist Students. We were active on the campus and at protests.

Then, I had more hope in the electoral system. I was inspired by the ideas in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour manifesto.

However, since the 2019 election, and Keir Starmer’s increasingly abhorrent purges of socialist MPs from the Labour Party, I’d been looking for a new political home, rather than give in to apathy and despair.

No existing mainstream party presented the ideas I hoped for. So I took my time to improve my knowledge of socialist theory, and looked for answers to my questions.

Then, one day in Bristol, I came across a Socialist Party campaign stall, and spoke to Socialist Party member Amy Sage. Since that day, I’ve found myself getting more involved with building the party, and have finally found a new political home that gives me hope.

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