India – no voice for Kashmiri struggle

BOOKER PRIZE winner and campaigner Arundhati Roy has been threatened with a charge of sedition by the Indian government and with physical threats by Indian nationalist groups. Her crime? Speaking at a meeting which discussed the fight for Azadi (freedom) for the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Emma Smith

The government of so-called ‘Shining India’ has once again exposed its brutal nature. When David Cameron visited in June he referred to Britain and India’s ‘shared commitment to democracy and tolerance’. This was just another Tory lie to assist British big business interests.

The reality is far from tolerant. The Indian government not only denies the rights of the Kashmiri people but it attempts to crush those who speak out against the repression.

In the last half a year well over 100 Kashmiri people have been viciously murdered by the occupying Indian army. Most of the dead are young. Thousands more have been maimed, blinded and injured.

At the time of writing most of the valley of Kashmir is on strike (bandh) in defiance of the army’s ongoing and strangling curfew and occupation. The government has made no serious attempt to address the overwhelming desire for Azadi and has failed to bring even one murderer to justice.

The threats against Arundhati show that intolerance of opposition to the government is growing. Now the semi-fascist RSS is threatening to ‘fix’ her and have attacked her house. Unfortunately, given the government’s stance towards the outspoken author further attacks are not ruled out and her life and freedom are in danger.

Join the protest outside the Indian high commission, India House, Aldwych, London WC2 on Thursday 4 November at 1pm. Defend the rights of the Kashmiri people, defend freedom of speech, defend freedom of assembly.