York hospital RCN strike. Photo: Socialist Party
York hospital RCN strike. Photo: Socialist Party

Tory underfunding and understaffing is wrecking the NHS:

93 minutes was the average ambulance response for people with strokes, severe burns or chest pain – 5 times the operation target of 18 minutes

And they’re missing their target for the highest-priority ‘life threatening’ category by over 60% – the slowest response time on record

12,000 people on cancer treatment lists have been waiting more than 3 months

The NHS waiting list has fallen by 27,000 but it’s still 7,190,000 long

40% of ambulance crews had to wait at least half an hour to hand over patients in December – highest since records began

Pressure on NHS led to 120 patient safety incidents involving oxygen cylinders in 2022

The Tories will fund 0 places at a new University of Worcester medical school, set up specifically to deal with doctor shortages

Let’s build a movement to fight for…

  • An immediate inflation-proof pay rise for all health and care staff, including those in privatised sectors, and a £15-an-hour minimum wage. Scrap zero-hours contracts
  • Reversal of all privatisations. Scrap the Private Finance Initiative and cancel all PFI debts. Bring all outsourced workers and services in-house on a permanent contract
  • A fully publicly funded NHS and care system free at the point of use. Scrap prescription charges in England, dental and all health charges
  • Nationalisation of private healthcare, care homes, the medical supply industry and the pharmaceutical companies – integrate them into the NHS
  • Reinstatement of student bursaries and scrapping of tuition fees in England
  • No trust in pro-privatisation, pro-austerity politicians. Starmer’s Labour doesn’t defend our NHS. Fight for the building of a new workers’ party
  • A socialist NHS and care system – democratically run by elected and accountable committees, including service workers and users
  • A socialist planned economy to end oppression, poverty and inequality