Gareth Bromhall and the striking ambulance workers in Swansea. Photo: Alec Thraves
Gareth Bromhall and the striking ambulance workers in Swansea. Photo: Alec Thraves

Gareth Bromhall, Ambulance service worker, Swansea

I stood on a picket line with my ambulance service colleagues outside our workplace for the first time on 11 January. Earlier that morning, along with other Socialist Party members involved in Swansea Trades Union Council, we visited a local ambulance station and the picket there.

Nine striking workers bought the Socialist, and we handed out our Socialist Party strike bulletin to every single picketing worker. Since the strike wave began in the summer, Swansea Socialist Party has visited over 100 picket lines from posties and rail workers, to civil servants and NHS staff. At every one, our members have proudly carried the Socialist.

What we stand for

The Socialist is a vital asset for the Socialist Party. It’s key to communicating both our day-to-day demands and our overall programme. It provides a tangible representation of the Socialist Party and the ideas for which we stand.

When people buy the Socialist, they help maintain its publication.

The nature of the ongoing strikes mean that we are coming across the same strikers and organisers on picket lines. Our paper serves to identify our members as we continue to support these strike, organise solidarity events and participate in the workers’ movement.

The reports and other articles in our bulletins and paper contain the most up-to-date picture of our work and programme. This arms us in the ideas needed to participate in the battles already raging, and those to come.

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