National women & LGBTQ+ meeting - Jan 2023. Photo: Helen Pattison
National women & LGBTQ+ meeting - Jan 2023. Photo: Helen Pattison

Corinthia Ward, Socialist Party Birmingham

On Saturday 14 January, Socialist Party members from England and Wales met for the Women and LGBTQ+ national meeting.

Strike wave

With over 80 people taking part, the meeting opened with a discussion on the family and the origins of gender oppression, sexism and homophobia. Time was also dedicated to discussing our perspectives for the current political and economic situation in the UK and how this impacts women and LGBTQ+ people. As well as how we may see these sections’ struggles as part of the upcoming social upheavals. Lively and confident contributions followed each talk, with a focus on how sections of these oppressed groups are finding their voice in the current wave of industrial battles, but also how we can grow the confidence of our own members.

Caucuses for both women and LGBTQ+ members went on to organise plans for how to build our party among these sections and what steps our party should take in campaigning on certain topics.

Ideas and programme

It was a meeting which helped kick start the year in an enthusiastic and determined way. Members will now go out to their regions, branches, student groups and unions to provide both reports from the day but also with the ideas and programme necessary to end the oppression of these groups. There was a large new young layer in attendance, reflecting not only how many young people today see capitalism for the broken system it is, but also that the Socialist Party is able to explain why this oppression came to exist and point a way forward to how it can be defeated.

Ultimately, what stood out most was the steadfast optimism that there can be a better system for society, free of oppression. And how the working class has the ability to fight for this. Our members left the meeting ready for the opportunities ahead where they can raise the banner of socialism and confidently say ‘it doesn’t have to be like this’.