Struggle for world socialism public meeting. Photo: Mark Best
Struggle for world socialism public meeting. Photo: Mark Best

Isai Marijerla, Socialist Party Black and Asian group

The ‘Struggle for world socialism’ public meeting, organised by the Black and Asian group of the Socialist Party, was truly a show of international working-class solidarity. The Socialist Party is part of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), an international organisation of workers, young people and those fighting for a socialist world.

Speakers from Sri Lanka, South Africa and Nigeria joined workers and youth in London to discuss the world capitalist system in crisis, the fightback taking place, and the programme and ideas needed to change the world.

Deji Olayinka, Socialist Party England and Wales, chaired the meeting and introduced it by outlining the horrifying conditions facing the masses across the world – unemployment, poverty, and environmental destruction. And some of the struggles taking place against them.

Siritunga Jayasuriya, General Secretary of the United Socialist Party (CWI in Sri Lanka) kicked off the meeting with his first-hand report of the tremendous mass movement in Sri Lanka against the government over the last year. A member of socialist organisations since 1964, he also contested the Sri Lanka presidential election in 2005 and came third. He described the uprising in Sri Lanka as revolutionary, it showed the power of the people and the determination of the masses to come out against corruption and repression.

Weizmann Hamilton, General Secretary of the Marxist Workers Party in South Africa, explained the rotten role of the ANC government and the weak and incompetent opposition. He brought the lessons of the 2012 historic uprising of South African mineworkers in Marikana and the aftermath of the brutal shooting of striking miners by police. Key in South Africa is fighting for a mass workers’ party on a socialist programme as a real political alternative for the masses.

Pelad Adewale brought greetings from the CWI in Nigeria. He is the National Organiser of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM). Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is in an acute economic crisis – suffering and misery is faced by the masses. With inflation at more than 20%, people are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living.

Points were made that the eyes of the working class across the world are on the strike wave taking place here. Workers winning pay rises would be an inspiration for those fighting against the bosses in their own countries.

As Pelad concluded, only a complete reorganising of society, putting the wealth in the hands of the working class, can solve the many crises facing people across the world. The CWI is fighting across the world for socialism. Join us if you’re not already a member.