NHS-RCN-Photo: Paul-Mattsson
NHS-RCN-Photo: Paul-Mattsson

The Socialist Party fights for:

■ Strike together – build on 6 Feb NHS strikes, and join others out on strike on Budget Day, 15 March

■ Immediate inflation-proof pay increases for all NHS and social care staff. Bring outsourced workers in-house on NHS pay, terms and conditions

■ Fully fund our NHS, paid for by taking the wealth off the super-rich

■ End privatisation, scrap PFI debts – bring private health facilities into the NHS with no compensation to the fat-cat owners

■ Reinstate student bursaries and scrap tuition fees

■ Tories out, and no trust in Starmer’s Labour. Build a new mass workers’ party

■ A socialist NHS and care system, democratically run by elected and accountable committees, including service users and workers

■ A socialist planned economy to end inequality and oppression