Refugee rights campaign. Photo: Mary Finch (uploaded 25/08/2021)
Refugee rights campaign. Photo: Mary Finch (uploaded 25/08/2021)

Lawanya, Refugee Rights Campaign

It is working-class and poor Black and Asian people who are the most directly affected by racism, discrimination and poverty. The struggle against racism has erupted among working-class young people around the world. The Black Lives Matter movement against racist police brutality in the United States and in Britain is an inspiring example.

But at the same time the Tories are attempting to stir racist division in communities, at a time when workers are uniting in a fightback against the cost-of-living crisis.

Tory Home secretary Suella Braverman has announced that migrants entering the UK illegally on small boats will be detained and “swiftly removed” under the new legislation – another hostile, racist immigration policy.

The Tories want to direct attention away from workers striking back to attack the rights of people arriving on small boats, risking their lives seeking safety in the UK, fleeing war and oppression.

Immigrants should not be blamed for lowering wages, attacks on the NHS and other services, and economic misery in general. Instead, capitalists, their politicians, and their policies must be blamed.

We don’t fight capitalism and poverty with racism – we fight it with solidarity. The struggle of immigrant workers and refugees should be linked up with other workers fighting back.

The Socialist Party says:

  • Build a united working-class struggle for jobs, homes, and services for all
  • For councils to set no-cuts budgets based on what our community needs – not what the Tories want to give us
  • Defend the right to asylum – with democratic community control of emergency funding and resources. No to racist immigration laws
  • Support the strikes! For fully funded above-inflation pay rises for all
  • Fully fund our NHS – no to cuts and privatisation
  • No more austerity – reject council cuts and tax rises on workers
  • Tories out! Starmer’s Labour doesn’t speak for us, so fight for a new working-class party
  • Nationalise rail, mail, energy, utilities and the banks under democratic working-class control and management, with compensation only on the basis of proven need – nothing for the fat cats
  • Take the wealth off the super-rich. For a socialist alternative to capitalism’s poverty and crisis